oil change? 00' WR400

I am changing the oil after break in period. The manuel also recommends cleaning the oil strainer going into the frame from the oil hose. I cannot get this huge nut (going into frame) that holds the strainer out. any suggestions? Do I need to replace the oil filter.

Try a bigger wrench this bolt is on

pretty tight but it will come off

Also to get the strainer out its a

bit tuff getting the hose off but it

can be done I did it and i'm not nuch

of a mechanic.You do not have to replace

the filter yet just clean it with a

tooth brush in some gas put your finger

in the hole so you dont get anything

in the inside of the filter

roost on john 00 wr400

Don't risk it. get the right size socket!!! It is torqued on there pretty good. Go and get a deep 24mm socket. It's well worth spending the money and time shopping :)

I had the same problem as you are having I'm pretty sure this is due to paint sealing. After the first removal it should be easier.

Getting the strainer out is also a pain, I found the easiest way was to remove the other end of the oil line (8mm head) so that you can easily remove the strainer without messing with the hose clamp.

your owners manual will tell you what size the bolt is and what size of socket or open end to use. I highly recomend this. there is nothing worse than stripping a nut.

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