more 426 flywheel questions...

Hey guys,

I've looked through most of the posts about flywheel weights & such, but still need a lil help.:thumbsup:

1.Did yamaha make a GYTR flywheel for the 426 (only see parts for the 450s)?

2.Does anyone know which part would have more effect: a Steahly flywheel or a stock wr flywheel, and which 1 is actually heavier, and which model Steahly would be comparable to a wr?

3.What are the actual weight differences of the wr vs yz stock flywheels?

I'm lookin to maintain the sick wheely capability, but want to minimize stalling too. I am planning on adding lighting in the future too, so I'll probably go with the wr stator in that department, so need a flywheel that will work with that also... Not interested in the recluse for now.

I appreciate your input.



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