xr 600 vs. wr 400 ?

my friend just bought a honda xr 600 and i was wondering if it had more power than the wr. i rode it a bit and it seemed to have quite a bit of low end torque. has anyone ever owned a 600 and a wr400 if so is there any differences in power and everything else?

Monster low end on the 600. My buddy rode one for a couple of years and I rode his a lot after he bought a new XR400 and I sold my DR350 and was waiting for my WR to arrive.

I enjoyed it immensely. And it was surprisingly nimble on the trails. Climbed anything anywhere anytime. I also have another buddy the rides a '98 XR600 and he is usually out in front of all of us WR riders on anytrail. He hauls ass on that thing.

Its a great bike. A little heavy but not a hinderance unless you are picking it up on a steep incline.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics

Hey there guys.

I had an XR650 that was punched out to an XR710. Race cam, oversized piston, shaved head, bench flowed and ported, shimmed/shaved valves (titanium), etc.... By the time I was done, it put out over 60hp at the back wheel. I used it for Super Motard Racing. We once put on a set of nobbies and did some hill climds with it. Lets just say, there was nothing it could not clim... :)


710?!?!?! Isn't that overkill?

From the "you can never have too much power" line of thought I guess.

I had a 95 model XR600 and then a XR400 before the WR400. There is stuff all in the way of power between the XR600 and 400, and the WR would stomp on them both. Both XR's were standard, but still they are no match for a standard WR.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

Almost a 2000' WR400


I’ve got one of each in the garage. The XR was my main ride until this season. I upgraded for a couple of key differences:

Weight. The XR was designed somewhere in the mid 1900s. Honda hasn’t changed a thing over the years except graphics and plastic. This machine is very heavy and it carries its weight high. Hold onto your buddy’s handlebar and start to tip it over. Then repeat it with your WR. You will quickly feel how high the weight is. This with the heavy flywheel makes the XR very tough to turn. You will wear yourself out quickly when the going gets tight.

Throttle. The XR’s carb is also of years gone by. It adds gas at its own pace. The thing is geared for low end and the slow throttle brings the power on softly. Most people probably like this, but I wanted power on demand more like a two stoke. It also has a habit of sloshing in the bowl after jumps causing an unplanned chug-a-lug.

Suspension. If the bike was designed in 1970, the forks were from the 50’s. I exaggerate of course, but they have no where near the adjustment available in the WR. My weight and the varied terrain we ride really improves with the range of adjustment available on the modern bikes.

As for the power in general, I’m still not convinced the WR makes as much power. (Give some slack here. My experience is limited to this point). Though WR is supposed to stand for Wide Ratio, it is unbelievably tight compared to the XR. You could literally trail ride all day in 3rd. I could go from a dead stop all the way to 40mph in 3rd. The tighter powerband makes more shifting necessary to get the power – just something I need to get used to. One day I pulled a WR500 10-12 miles out of the desert, barely felt him back there. Another day I towed an XR650 up and down hills (I knew he was there). More torque than a bike should have.

Opinion: The XR is an unbelievably stable and reliable bike for longer trips on dirt roads and tails. The WR, though qualified for these, really shines when you ride more aggressively. That’s why I keep both :)


I owened a xr600r before my wr and i'll never go back.The WR400 is way faster then the XR600R[stock for stock] and lighter buy it you won't be sorry.


So what's the secret on softening the seat? My ass is still sore from Sunday.. :)


Softer seat for WR400 1.-change seat foam to baja designs soft foam {stock WR} not the taller foam

2.you need to add sage 3 foam top to the softer foam.

3.Add 1-inch width to the seatting area you will need a new cover for this set up.And the tank to seat ratio is less so you can move up to the tank for tight turns.My seat set up cost about 110.00 works great no more sore butt or tail bone

4.Add 1-inch bar riser[ thumper racing ]the diffince these changes make are worth it.

I have the no# for the shop that can do the seat mods if you need it.You can e-mail me at wilmexrs@cs.com

Originally posted by Scott:

So what's the secret on softening the seat?


Try Guts Racing at http://www.gutsracing.com/

They make several different seat foams from soft to very hard. They come in sizes from shorter to extra tall. I got a Tall/firm seat that is softer than stock and has a great seat/tank transision. (Us long legged folks can get away with it.) It is the same one Baja, FMF & One Industries sells.


The trouble with guts/baja/fmf. is they don't offer wider faom you need 1-inch wider to make the seat work for you.If your 22or under 40 i guss just the the faom would be ok?

I think the width is probably ok for me, but it's the firmness that's killing me. The bike is already tall for me, so I have to get something that won't increase the height..

Thanks for the suggestions.

Personally, sitting on a 2x4 isn't bad if it's a soft 2x4. :)

Oh, quit your whinning :)

Try throwing a leg over a new KTM. The reason those pumpkin guys are always standing is that those bikes come standard with a 2x4.

Seriously though, I remember an article by Paul Clipper in Trail Rider magazine about 'Monkey Butt.' It was hysterical. I'll e-mail him and ask him to post it. He actually 'tested' several creams to 'ease' the problem. The winner made you smell like a 1-year-old when you worked up a sweat. You can imagine the humor.

Scott give me a reply if you want to try my Guts. I live up by 470 & I-25.


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I found that when I owned the XR400 I used to sit down heaps, as they are a lot like a lounge chair. The WR has forced me to stand up a lot more to avoid monkey butt, and I do mean a lot more!

I think this has been a big factor to my increase in speed and becoming an overall faster rider since buying the WR.

And it hit me last night when I watched a video again of the 99 Australian 4 Day Enduro that Shane Watts won, and all the riders in it stand up the entire time, except for the corners, but I also think this is mainly for the rough ground and the whoops that were everywhere.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

Almost a 2000' WR400

Originally posted by ray lebreton:

my friend just bought a honda xr 600 and i was wondering if it had more power than the wr. i rode it a bit and it seemed to have quite a bit of low end torque. has anyone ever owned a 600 and a wr400 if so is there any differences in power and everything else?

I ride w/ a buddy who has an 87 XR 600 and that thing runs w/ my 99 WR on everything but top end. I think the damn thing weighs too much but it's also 13 years old. I think that the 600 has more low end but it's also a 600.

if you want more low end power on your wr400 add a larger sprocket to the rear. i added one tooth and it added alot more low end power

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