best oil for the wr???

whats a good oil for the wr400?

do a search on this. it has been brought up alot.

Yamalube is always a good choice but always change your oil ever couple of rides or 200 miles. But again do a search

Like lewichris said, there's a ton of info on oil in the archives. A lot of guys run Mobil 1 15w-40 synthetic (automotive type). I used it in my bikes for years, but recently switched to Lubrication Engineers motor oil. You have to work to find a dealer, but it's great oil.

There are alot of threads on this but none mention the Shell Ultra 4. It is recommended in the KTM manuels, but you can't buy it in the states. Shouldn't be a problem in Europe. Lewichris, have you tried the Mobil MX4t. We can buy it at Schucks on Appleway for $7.99/qt.

mobil 1 15/50 automotive i use it in my gold wing gl 1500 and my wr . great stuff

Isn't the whole point of synthetics is that you can run it for longer periods before changing? I have been using standard yamaha oil and when I change the oil it still looks new. I know the reason to change the oil often is because of the contamination not the breakdown so isn't it a waste to run synthetic only to change it every few hundred miles. BTW I only use synthetic in my car and Triumph but I think it is a waste in the dirt bike. My opinion.

I ain't no petro-chemist, but my understanding is that synthetic oils offers better protection during cold starts. And YES does not breakdown as readily as dino oils.

I also look at, the longer the oil is in the motor, the more contaminents (micro particles of metal, clutch, fuel and dirt) are still being absorbed and circulated, unless you change at the same intervals as dino oil.

Hey nothing to good for my baby.

Bill :)

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