Carbon Fiber

Anyone have or use a carbon fiber skid plate? The one from e-line looks awsome but how strong is carbon fiber? Will it be able to take reapeated beatings on logs? Thanks for any help.

Angel Boy

I just got one, haven't got it on the bike yet. It looks strong and provides a lot of coverage.

I does look like I'll have to do some fitting to get the mount holes to line up.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Carbon Fiber is great for direct :shocked:hits. It takes abuse and keeps going. After a year of direct hits, it starts to look like plain old black fiberglass. Don't know how stong it is now but it is still on the bike. :)

I've got a few dents from impacts with big rocks; the composite will crush with that kind of abuse. But it is still on the bike, giving protection, doing a good job. And the dents are not noticable, (they are on the bottom!).

I,too was convinced that the holes would have to be enlarged. But the holes line up when it is pushed up tight against the frame.

I have carbon fiber on my WR from a disc brake guard in front to a chain guide on back. Only comments that I have are the disc brake guard takes some good hits and the bolt holes 'tear'. I've had to put washers on to keep the bolts from slipping. My frame guards have also torn a little. I know aluminum will not tear, but damn the carbon fiber looks good!

I'v used the E-line Carbon Fiber/Kevlar skid plate for the past 13 months and have beet the hell out of it. I even bashed it hard enough to locally delaminate it but I just used clear epoxy and pressed the local delamination back together and contiuned to use it and that was six months ago. I have some significant scraps on the bottom but I think its a great product.

On my initial installation I had to slighly oval one of the mounting through holes and use a washer with the bolt was no big deal.


Thanks for the info. Hell yah the carbon fiber looks good. Do all of you guys have the E-line or are there other brands to choose from?

Angel Boy

I have DSP carbon fiber products. Front disk guard, fork guards, waterpump guard, skid plate, frame guards, chain guide, and rear master cylinder guard. FYI - chose not to get the carbon fiber rear disk guard, but have ordered the aluminum disk fin from IMS.

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