The XR600 Dies Out....

So it seems to cruise up until the 3rd to 4th transition. After I hit 4th and open up the throttle, it instantly hesitates and then dies. I know it has to be a carb issue seeing that the whole motor has just been gone through. The carb is stock as far as I know. It does spit out quite a bit of fuel from the overflow hose when I try to start it. Any ideas? I just bought it from a seller who said the motor was bored .02 and it has the XR's Only silencer on it with a K&N air filter. What should I look at first? I just want to OPEN it up with no hesitation.

I think i found the problem, main jet 165, pilot jet 65. if anyone could help me out, it would be helpful

If you have fuel out the overflow, your float is stuck or set wrong.

Yeah, the float could be set too high or the inlet needle could be sticking. Get the float height working right and see how it reacts then. It's made worse since your jets are on the large side as well.

Yeah sounds like a float problem.

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