JD Jet Kit Finally Installed

Finally after almost a week i was able to get the kit in the carb, and run the beast around the niegberhood (however u spell it). Great throttle response, seems to be more happy with kit and with settings to follow, as far as i can fell and hear. No deceleration popping, no low throttle hesitation. Only one thing I see wrong so far and it has never done this before, is after i kill the motor, around 2-3 minutes go by and the damn carb starts to leak fuel out the overflow. I know you shouldn,t leave petcock open for a long period of time, but this is a first. My question is why???

Settings: All mods done.



Red Needle Clip on 5th position from top

Large O-Ring On AP

Fuel screw out 1-1/2 Turns

These settings are all from James Dean's recomendations.

Apologies if this is a silly question (newb), but do you get the bike set up on a dyno, after the re-jet?.

No one around here has a dyno so for me it's a no. But I know some fellow TT'ers have had theirs dyno'd afterwards. Sorry no help.

as far as i know fuel will only leak from the overflow if the float in the float chamber sticks or is punctured or if the valve is jammed. if you have had the float bowl off you have more likely done something wrong so may be worth opening it up and checking it out

just my 2cents

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