Vote now! They're gaining!

By my math they must be spamming the poll! Almost every vote has to be a yes vote for them to be gaining at the rate they are! Get everyone you know involved or before long you'll have a bike.... and nowhere to ride!

One last thing before I have to logoff for the day, guys. I've been monitoring the online poll and they are pumping in "yes" votes at a rate of 10-12 per MINUTE! Please, please, please get active on this! If you don't know how to delete the "" cookie so you can vote repeatedly.... ask someone! It's obvious they have an organized effort in place to stuff the voting box. Let's fight back!

You don't have to delete the "" cookie, just turn cookies off in our browser and vote vote vote!


I tried that on my MS IE, but it isn't showing a higher total vote count. I believe if you disable the cookie acceptance, it won't record your vote. They want to know if you've voted already, so it has to accept it then you can delete it. At last check, 9:40 am Eastern, they were creeping up with 35.2%. We need to get people to stuff away!

the no vote # is 1 800 446 8406 :)

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