2000 WR , Throttle stop , Jetting w/o baffle?

I just got my Y2K WR400 and everyone seems to say a different length on how long or short or whatever about the throttle stop???? Please Help!?

Also I removed the exhaust baffle but haven't ridden it like this yet.Do I need to change the jetting? The only mod. I've done is the baffle removal.

Thanks everyone for the awesome site!


Mike from Oregon

Removing the baffle shouldnt effect the jetting. I live in Rhododendron - 1300ft elevation. and Am running my 2000 wr with out the baffle and it runs great, I rode over in Bend last weekend and did notice a litttle loss of power due to the higher elevation, but nothing worth messing with the jetting. I dont plan on messing with the jetting, unless I get a new pipe, also if you've notice lots of people seem to have problems with the bike since they have changed the jetting. I am not sure on the throttle stop, however I posted the same question and think the correct answer that I've received is to cut the stop down 16mm, for a new length of 8.5mm not including the head of the bolt. I will try that this week, and if its wrong I will order and yz426 stop from baja designs. I called Baja and they wouldnt give me the length they just kept saying to order the yz stop, which makes no sense if I can cut it with the dremmel tool for no charge. I will post the results of the stop once done.

I cut off 16mm and it works great. If you cut slightly more or less off (less than a mm or two) it shouldn't cause a problem.

I don't think the 2000 model has the same problems with short throttle stops like the older models did from what people have said. (they got confused at WFO and ran poorly)

If the throttle stop is a mm too long I really doubt you'll know by riding the bike. Remember, any amount you cut off up to 16mm will give you more throttle than what it is now. Anything more than 16mm won't get you any more throttle.

Sorry I forgot to mention the elevation where I'm at. The elevation is about 900ft is this ok for the jetting to stay stock still even with the baffle removed?



Mike from Oregon

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