Which AIS removal kit to buy?

I'm looking to buy an AIS removal kit for an 07 WR450. I know the GYTR kit comes with a new needle, jets, and such. What exactly comes with the TT kit? Any preference between the two? Anyone have any photos of the TT kit before installation?

You also get the new throttle stop with the GYTR.

From the FAQ...

Q: What is an AIS?

A: AIS stands for Air Induction System, i.e. the smog pump. It injects air into the exhaust system to help get rid of unburned fuel for a more environmentally friendly bike. It first showed up in '05 and has been on every WR since. It can be removed and the resulting holes plugged if you buy either the TT Kit or the GYTR kit. The TT kit has precision machined plugs that press fit into the engine, while the GYTR Kit’s plugs are removable and also include an adjustable needle, throttle stop and assorted items for the carb. The AIS removal DOES NOT improve performance, but it does decrease decel popping so you can more effectively jet your bike. http://shop.thumpertalk.com

If you live in the People's Republic of California, you might want to stick with the GYTR kit so you can put the AIS back on when the jack-booted thugs mandate it. I prefer the TT kit as it's a permanent fix and a gives you a much cleaner end product :thumbsup:...SC

Ok so the TT kit is just the machined plugs then? Well since I run a CNC machine shop that would be a waste of money for me. I just found out that the JD jet kit from my 06 YZ is the same for the 07 WR so I really don't need the GYTR needle. Maybe I'll just turn my own plugs and go from there. They can mandate all they want it isn't going back on.

They can mandate all they want it isn't going back on.

That's the spirit! :thumbsup:

When Lowedog first made them, he posted pics. Do a search and you should be able to find them. If not, maybe you can email him and he'll send you the dimensions...SC

No kidding Lowedog makes the kit? I just talked to him today about billet dipsticks.

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