Response from FMF on the 4 square

I sent an email to FMF regarding the notes posted on this page and the noise factor etc on the new 4 square.

This was the response from Mike Fairbanks at FMF.

"The WR comes with the most choked muffler you can get. We are trying to build a pipe to hopefully match the sound of a stock WR, with the power of a open pipe, but the technology has not been discovered yet. our pipe is quite when compared to other free flowing exhaust systems, stock or after market. We knock 6-8 db off of the YZ 426, while improving power output. Or DRZ pipe is still quiet, but like I said, when compared to the stock muffler that you cannot hear at all, then yes it will be considered a bit louder. On the DRZ we seeing on how offensive it was, and upon running the rpms up in our warehouse, it didn't bother the office staff right on the other side of the door."

Simply FYI.



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