Question about oil when breaking in

This might have been covered but didn't really find anything. I just picked up an 07 YZ450 and am going to break it in tommorrow but am wondering about the oil from the factory. I am not sure if they just use regular Yamalube or some specific break in oil but what are your recommendations on it? Just break it in with the oil in it or drain it out and put some 10w40 or 20w50 in it before I even fire it up? Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

It's just ordinary bulk oil. You can do what you want with it, but when I got the bike home, I drained it, installed my new Scotts oil filter, and filled it with the same Amsoil MCV I always run. The warnings against using synthetics during break in are old school BS.

Don't run it any harder than 80% or any less than 40% for the first 30 minutes, then go and run it like it was a year old.

Thanks. Sounds good. I will pick up some oil today before I break it in.

The warnings against using synthetics during break in are old school BS.

Apparently the older engines benefited from having mineral oil to wear them in because the cylinders weren't machined as well. They say that new engine machining is so much better, so it's ok to use synthetic. So it's old school, but I don't know if I'd say it's BS, but I'm no mechanic or engine builder?:thumbsup:

They also say to accelerate hard and back off hard to wear an engine in well, but don't over-rev, and that if you baby it the rings will turn oval in shape which allows blow-by. That's what most people seem to do on their new bikes nowadays and no one I know(including myself) has had a problem as a result.

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