have had enuff of people saying after have spent MY hard earned cash on my wr400 01 the people who just drive cars and have never rode a bike saying,"u,ve got more money than sense""you could of got a good car for that money""its not very good whens its raining" etc etc etc it makes me mad!!! am i the only 1 who,s had people like this to deal with?? guess i should just answer them wiTH popping a wheelie while am over taking them wi a finger V !

donny-answer them with some roost!

While I was at College all I could afford to drive was a motorcycle. Everyone would say, "Why do you have a bike? You can't ride it when it's snowing. It must suck to ride that thing in the rain/cold. What do you do when you have to transport something?" etc... etc... My answer was usually, "I can't afford a car. It doesn't snow that often. Beats walking in the rain and cold, sissy. I will borrow a friends car for the daily transport of my bed, dresser and fridge."


My friend spent 6 grand on a new WR. My girlfriend bought a 1992 beretta for 5200 and it had 36,000 miles on it. So those people are right. But who cares. If you want it buy it. life is to short. I think it is a better investment then a snow mobile though. I love my snow cat but i can only ride it for 4 months. Plus much higher maintenance then my WR. Dont worry about that they say. they just dont have one. So chill out a bit. And enjoy your bike.

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Dont roost them or give them the finger it will

only make one more person hate bikes,just simply

ignore and enjoy your ride they dont know what there missing.

What Dizzy said :)

Amen dizzy!

Don't go through life listening to what other people say you should do with your money... if it was their money, then that's a different story...

I have only myself and my 3 kids - no other family, so I guess I indulge us a bit, I earn my money, I spend it on what I want... The kids are not spoilt, but I have never seen my son happier than when he is on his bike, trying to get past the SOB (Slow Old Bastard ie. me) around the track we have in the back yard...

I say just be thankful they don't see how much fun it is and buy a dirt bike for themselves, and then all converge on your favourite trails or track and really spoil your day...

Chill, and answer to only yourself and the IRS... :)


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Donnylad, Some people just dont get it ya know? I probably spent too much money and time on my bike but I really enjoy it and not to sound too corney but it make ME happy and that's all that counts. Plus, the ladies love dirtbikes . And you've got that going for you.....


Dan :)

Ditto to Yamaha dude. My son and I entered our first race last nov. I did 80 miles and almost died, from exhaution, and my son did 41 miles(after only 10 days on a new yz 85) and win second place. Live hard and ride. Herman


Here in Hawaii we go on extreme Dual Sport rides. I made trails on the sides of the highways so you stay off the road as much as possible. More fun that way. Some parts of the trails you ride next to the freeway, popping out of the trees and bushes going along side traffic then dissappearing into the trees again.

During our afternoon, weekday rides there is some traffic build up in certain areas that we pop out and over the years I noticed the motorists faces and they always look at us like were crazy. Can you imagine how a Dirt Bike Rider would look to a person that never had this kind of activity in their life? Think of all the people you work with or in your family that will never go riding ever. They will never know the feeling of a seat sucking downhill with trees at the bottom waiting to pick you off. Or hows about the feeling of making a really scary jump? WHAT ABOUT THE FEELING YOU HAD WHEN YOU GOT THE NEW BIKE? I feel sorry for them! They will go to their graves without knowing the feeling. Their whole life will be spent without a dirt bike!!!

The next time someone tells you that you've got more money than sense, put your hand on there shoulder and say, "That's OK, maybe you'll get to ride in your next life." :)

well said torture chambers!! your right the look on some of the faces of car drivers when i,m on the road goin to the track,there faces are looking at me like am **** and shouldnt be on the road!+am glad am off roading to,even a short journey to the track on the road i usually get mad at some dick who pulls out on me or something or other i just wanna get of the bike and smack them sometimes after all there stupidness could kill me!! am sticking to the track much safer!!MOST OF THE TIME!!

Originally posted by Dan Lorenze:

I probably spent too much money and time on my bike but I really enjoy it

I know I spend too much time and $$$$ on the bikes. But like has been said, it is worth it to me and my sons happiness is worth it. I only get to see him every other weekend so I'm gonna spoil the crap outta him. As an added plus, it drives his mother (my ex) crazy that I let him ride on a track. That by itself makes it worth it!!!! :)



I will never be w/o a bike again, even if it is Goldwing or a clapped out chingadar. Those few years in Germany were horrible cause I couldn't afford a car and a new bike (I wrecked my old one just before I enlisted.) But at least I had my Mountain Bike. The riding was great there, beautiful country. You can damn near cross the whole country on dirt roads if you wanted. My parents wouldn't let me have a bike when I was a kid and they still don't like the fact that I ride one especially with my track record. Parents just don't understand! :)

That's right, I stopped MX/playriding for almost 5 years, and now that I am back, I will never be w/o a bike again....

People always say to me "I bet that cost's lots of money" or.. "are you afraid to get hurt?" and the classic "you're too old to be playing with toys" (I am 31). I feel sorry for them...they are so ignorant about what motorcycling is all about.

Nothing like riding some hard laps on the track and then hanging out with your buds, cracking a cold one afterwards. Jumping a 110ft triple or stepdown, hammering some 4th gear whoops, or seat hopping a nice double right out of a corner...

These people that say things like that just don't have a clue, they make those comments because they have never tossed a leg over a bike!

I just grin and go on...! Riding is a way of life, and some people will never know the thrill...they just go on in their boring, hum-dum lives, ignorant of the fun they could be having, whether it be MX, snowmobile-ing, mountain biking, bmx, road racing, car racing, etc., al etc.


well said!! your never to old to have fun!! thats 1 of the things stupid old people say to me your to old to be playing on bikes down wood!!they dont no jack s hit

you really need to chill out and quit all the language please. Your biggest problem is that you worry way to much what people think. Just live life for you and quit thinking people are thinking things about you. you sound like you are paranoid or you have a cospiracy theory. Just chill and ride and dont worry about what others think.

am chilled lewichris,and i aint paranoid either!! just saying what the people who dont ride bikes say to me and seeing if am not the only 1 who gets it .so chill!!! i,ll stop swearing to if its making u paranoid!!!

ignore them, grow up, whatever

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