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SO scary long your jobs that important and great that you play on thumper talk all day!!!! ha ha!! and you say u,ve got friends still in england ?? so did u call them english bastards??i think not??you wouldnt call it me to my face because you wouldnt get back home!!trust me!this topic was ok until you came in with your english bastards **** !! every1 was ok. so all the people who are bored of this topic now blame scarey face!as for england the weather is rain in winter and good in summer,could be worse -30 in russia!and we dont have earth quakes and rest of **** you get!the worse thing bout are country is we let in to many pakis! and indians! and are ******* country moaning about how you americans treat the 2 paki twats in camp x ray osama,s mates there,s to many goodi goodi,s in this country, thats why we have ****s like them spreading there **** and anti u.s uk stuff on streets of london and what do we do let them!! kill all prisoners in camp x ray dont bring them back here ,there not even english just came here for the good life dole!! free money !!and thats 1 argument even u scarey can agree with me on ,

what are you guys three years old

WOW your English is so bad. It's no wonder you are frustrated with the Idiots in cars, and the “Paki’s” and the “Indians” and what ever else you were trying to get across. Very confusing. Sounds like you have a lot of hate built up. Great thing about England Letting in other nationalities is it Adds to the gene pool. Which we can see from your shining diatribes is polluted. I am sure you are beginning to understand what I think you are. A Typical Fascist NF rock head.

You are not intimidating nor are you endearing yourself to the others on this site. What you are doing is assuring people see Englishmen for what some of them truly are. Bastards! Hard not to throw the monitor out the window isn’t it Rock Head.

Try and stay focused if you intend to answer this so I can get your drift without having to decode what it is I think you are attempting to translate from your native Pikey dialect.

Incidentally, If you are trying to cut me down saying things like “SO scary long your jobs that important and great that you play on thumper talk all day!!!! ha ha!!” Is not going to get it. Do you have a monitor is it on or what? I mean you can’t be proof reading this stuff.

kill all prisoners in camp x ray dont bring them back here ,there not even english just came here for the good life dole!! free money !!and thats 1 argument even u scarey can agree with me on ,
How the hell am I supposed to agree with you when I can't even figuer out what you are trying to say? :)

and Lew I am 3 yes thanks for pointing that out to me. Big help, thanks...yeah...

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ok scarey what part of the comments i make, cant u !means (you)in your proper english understand??? just name the words i,ll tell you what they mean.i dont give a s,hit how i write ,when am ( i, am) 2 (to) u (you) when i,ve had some booze aswell,go to go i,ll finish this with you scarey ,on pal talk, man to man face to face same time tommorow you ******* little girl &%$#@! offfice boy ,come back to england quick so i can show you a english bastard hooligan! NF 4EVA!!

:) Oh dear...Go away for two days and this degenerates in to a US v's UK thang!

There seems to be LOT of attitude floating around...Hmmnnn must be something in the water in sunny old Doncaster me-thinks! :D

I thought you might be a skinhead. This has been fun. I really don't think you should drink though. It makes you nasty. Some people just can't help it.

For those of you who don't know what the NF is it stands for National Front. They are some unfriendly people in the UK. Kinda like Hitler only not as bright. So when this guy quips about the Paki's and the Indians and all the other foreigners I am sure he does it with as much hate as he can muster.

I 4 1 think that bad what you think? Did you get that Dogsbody?

Donny'sboy: If you are so proud of being English why don't you try learning some? I find it sad when I see people from the UK that can't spell or make sense when they type. You should have taken full advantage of the free schooling available in England. Some of the most illustrious learning facilities are in The UK. Bit of a shame you couldn't find one of them. You can bet those Indian's and Pakistani’s are studying hard. I am willing to bet that a few of them are laughing at your command of the language.

No wonder you were all pissed about what I said. You are from Yorkshire. Scotland Kicked your ass and you just can't let it go.

Never mind summer will be here soon and those two weeks will be nice and sunny for you. I would take your summer hol's in a continuation school if I were you though. It doesn't pay to be that stupid. Remember what the Dean said in Animal House, Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son.


GUY this isn't a US_UK "thang". This is an Ignorant English Nazi-Human thing. If you remember your history (Donny’sboy wont) The UK was very nearly destroyed by some people that think just like you friend from the north.

Doncaster Bites and you know it. That's all clown.

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ENOUGH ALREADY.....The two of you need to take this crap somewhere else or get a room.

Thumpertalk Admin....Where are you?

Man, turned in early last night to go to meetings today in Philly and look what happens :)


please check your private messenger


ga426 is right! enuff said now PEACE fellow wr riders!

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ok i am sorry.

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