Advice - Tools & Backpacks

Curious as to what others might be carrying in their fanny pack to remove the front (22mm) & rear (27mm) wheels on the trail.

Also interested in any recommendations for a decent size top loading backpack that will fit over a chest protector. Some of our Mexico rides are overnight. I'm 6'4", 250lbs - so it's an even more difficult problem statement than just the chest protector.



That's a good question. I carry a lot of crap on the trails but I don't have anything for the wheel nuts. I tried to carry a 27mm open ended wrench in my camelback once but it didn't feel all the good on my back.

I had to fix a flat on my front tire once and I used a pair of robo-pliers to get the nut off. Don't think it would work on the rear though.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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I have an add here from Thumper Racing. They are 2 wrenches. #1 is box end to fit front axle and tire iron other end. #2 is box end to fit rear axle nut and tire iron other end. So--you got your tire irons and wheel wrenches in 2 easy tools. I don't have them, but am thinkin of gettin them.



MSR has this new backpack called the Colorado Single Trac Pack (i think thats the name) Its featured in this months Dirt Rider Magazine. It looks really nice and Im considering getting one for my trip to Colorado this year. Does anyone else have any info on this product?


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The wrench is called Riders's Wrench by Fredette 27-22mm i think it was for a cr, i got mine from the dealer(parts unlimited) and Chaparral cat. page 72. It also fits the counter spocket. Brian are you going to ride the dual dogs ride in Lebec on 5-6-00.

I use E R (Emig Racing) alloy 22x27mm. Also a steel flat spanner from earlier model Yamaha's is available. Not sure if it was a dirt or road bike though- but its still 22x27

I think my tool belt is an MSR Lightning.

I use deep sockets for all the sizes I need, a jointed handle (no ratchet), an extension, and a few other odds and ends. I haven't worried about wheel/tire operations yet. If I start carrying spare tubes the tire stuff will probably be carried on the bike with the tubes.

I also carry a spare sparkplug in an Acerbis sparkplug case.

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