Need a YZ seat Aftermarket

IMS is back ordered on their YZ seat (2-3 weeks). I looked at Baja Designs web site and did not see one.

Does anyone know who beside the dealer sells seats?

Thanks Bill

Bill, I just got my seat and tank from IMS 3 days ago they seem to have stock, but if they're all out call Dual Sport Conn. at (818)552-4109 I had one on backorder with them but found it at IMS in the meantime,so I know they have one in stock. Ask for Sam and tell him I sent you, you should pay around $248.00 good luck, Dan

Dan, The IMS seat retails for $125.00 and the stock seat is $179.00. What's up with the $248.00?



Bill, I paid $248.00 for the kit, I just bought one from DSC for my dads WR, this is a price for kit, if you only need the seat sam will probably seperate the two for you, they are the people that make the DRIVIN dual sport kits, everytime a go in there I always see a new WR getting street legal, those kits are the best! See Ya, Dan


IMS told me the same thing. I went and ordered the YZ seat anyway knowing that it would be 2 to 3 weeks out. The seat showed up in 5 shipping days. Maybe that's just a standard reply?


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