Riding Areas/Partners in Northern CA

I'm moving to Santa Rosa in the middle of May and am looking for advice on riding areas. Also looking to hook up with new riding partners - any volunteers?


Guess I'll have to change to 'Brian in Santa Rosa'.


You will want to check out Stoneyford (spelling?) up by Clear Lake. Supposed to fantastic. Don't know of many other areas in the Santa Rosa Area. Now if you head east to the Sacramento Area, there are some great areas to ride. About a two hour drive to Sac town. Mammoth Bar, Forest Hill, Georgetown Etc. You will also be a few hours away from Hollister Hills and Carnegie. Plenty of places to go. If you ever attempt some of the Sac area places let me know.


Brian e-mail me @ wilmexrs@cs.com--or my work isc938@aol.com i know some good ridding aera in northen ca.some are just up the road from you.I have laid out enduros in all of these ridding aeras.

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