Edelbrock & BRP

I will be riding the Edelbrock equipped BRP in Colorado next month in the Aspen, Crested Butte, Taylor Park area. Which needle are you CO BRP riders using in your Edelbrocks? I am currently running a 19E needle with the clicker approximately halfway in the travel. I'm hoping I can leave the 19E in and use the clicker to adjust for altitude.


I don't have an after market carb, but what I do know (being from Ohio and living out here a couple years) is bring jets. On both my 85 xr200r(dual carb) and my 87xr600r(dual carb) the needles are one notch from the top on primary and 2 notches on the secondary. I ride a lot at Cotton Wood, St Elmo, Tin Cup area, 9,000 to 12,165 at the passes and I use jetting for 10,000-11,000ft the 600 uses 112(stock 122) both carbs, and the 200 uses a 92 primary(stock 98) and a 95 secondary (stock 98). These set ups seem to work well. The idle and pilot screw I usually have to adjust once up there, base on what the weather is doing....it is the mountains after all. We started out on Friday with high 70's and by afternoon were hiding like animals under the trees from lima been hail.

Bump. Anybody?

It partly depends on how high the altitude you will be riding in. The Edelbrocks aren't generally too finicky at moderate or even fairly large elevation changes. That is not to say you could not benefit from a needle change. It also kind of depends on how much of your riding will be up real high. It might not be worth the needle change for the trip.

You can probably just adjust the needle height with the knob and be o.k. for the most part at moderate elevations up to 5000ft. It won't be the greatest but should be fine for the most part. The needle adjustment will mainly effect your low to mid throttle openings. The needle size is more relevent to the wider open throttle settings. So, If you are mostly trail riding and grunting around you might be just fine merely leaning out the click adjustment a couple/few clicks. You'll obviously know when youv'e gone too lean on the click adjustment when it starts to pop alot or backfire on decel, or even maybe start to have the 'hanging' idle syndrome. At the higher elevations you'll just be quite rich at full throttle speeds and the bike will feel flat on top.

Thanks Thumpage, that pretty much confirms what I was thinking, just use the clicker for adjustment if necessary. Some of the passes will be around 12K, but as you mentioned, full throttle most likely won't be necessary the vast majority of the time. I'll take along a 17E needle just in case though.

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