Broken kick starter gear!!!!

I have a '99 wr400, 6 months old with 600k's on it.

Yesterday during a ride i went to kick start it when at the bottom of the kick stroke just as it started there was a loud BANG & CRUNCH...then it stalled.

When i pressed down on the kick start lever it went down with no resistance & sprang back up untill it hit the tank!

Stuck in the bush with no kickstarter and #$%*ing pissed off with my "new" bike, we clutch started it.

The motor sounded fine with no ginding or crunching so i rode home slowly.

After opening it up i found the "RATCHET WHEEL" (owners manual pg 4-60 part 5) had broken into 3 bits! No other real damage apart from some dents and scratches in the case. Metal was found traped in oil filter (no further into the engine i hope).

YAMAHA has told me i can't buy just that part i have to buy the whole kick shaft assembly $253!!!!

Has anyone heard of this?

I'd check with other dealers and see if they say the same thing. A good dealer might call and see if they can remedy the situation. Yamaha will probably want the defective part to see how it failed, I can't see how it's in their best interest not to work something out.

Try bike salvage places too. There's bound to be a trashed YZ or WR out there with that part intact.

No I have not. I have had the return spring break (not on my WR). It seems to me, this is a fluke and you should give the dealer greif until they GIVE you the part. If they won't help call Yamaha of America and talk with them.

Let us know how hard it is to change. When I changed the one on my 86 TT225. It was kind of a bear to get the spring in the proper position.

Good Luck



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards.

I just purchased a new 2000 wr400f and the dealer told me that one of the major changes they made was improving the kick start. Yamaha made it stronger on the 2000 models because 99' were breaking. ask if a 2000 kick start will work on a 99'

The same thing happened to me on my 99 WR. i only spent $125 for the whole assembly @ the dealer. NOTE! if the kick starter kicked back when this happened make absolutly possitive, that the metal tab that the pawl nests into (that is fastened to the case with a screw),did not get bent upon kickback. Mine was bent and i didn't realize it . When i put things back together the gear would not totally disengage and you could here a constant racheting as the engine ran.I ended up taking everything back apart and bending the tab back carefully and then everything was ok.

I have spoken with my dealer, he said he will take it up with Yamaha Australia.

I also faxed Yamaha Aust. they got back to me & i told them that i have been speaking with my dealer. They said get the dealer to speak to us, so i did.

I'm Still to hear back from my dealer, I'll call him later today.

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