Buddy pegs on 06 XR650R any opinion on ones beside the swingarm mounts?

I wanted to mount some buddy pegs on my brp so my wife could ride along some times but i am overseas right now and the bike is in the dealership. this is what they said about the pegs they ordered for the bike:

:thumbsup: also the buddy pegs could be a safety issue-- passenger pants leg could get caught in chain easy and also the way they mount on swingarm if there not properly checked for tightness they could slide back and wedge into rear sprocket causing rear wheel to lock up--- for liabilty reasons we are not going to install.

Looking for a answer to give them so they can have the bike ready when i get home from this wonderfull place. thanks for your opinions

I'm running Baja Designs pegs on my bike. The attach to the small aluminum subframe rails about half way between the frame and seat. Never had any chain problems. I wouldn't routinely put a girl that weighs more than 150lb on the BD pegs as they aren't built that strong. I tell the girls to try and wear jeans with hiking boots for dirt riding.

I think you are looking at a different set of pegs that look alot stronger than the BD pegs. I believe the ones you are describing are a bent steel rod frame that attaches to the two frame bolts near the swing arm pivot. If its those, they look way stronger than the BD pegs.

Either way, no problems. Keep your chain within spec. Don't wear bell-bottoms.

thanks for your help that is what i heard was that these were the best i could really get just wanted to get anougther opinion. and i couldn't tell u what they look like cause i have not seen them yet.

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