Montezumas revenge - HELP! ! !

I know this has nothing at all to do with motorcycles but I need help fast!

I just got back from Cancun with my wife and I have a HORRIBLE case of Montezumas revenge. Anyone know any remedies?

I've tried Pepto Bismal, Papaya Enzyme and antacides but it's still bad for the second day.

We had a great time though. While other americans were eating and drinking and shopping we were being adventurous. We went snorkeling one day and found some arches a little caves under water to swim through and explore.

Then one day we rented a 16 foot Hobbie Cat pretty nicely set up and cruized around the lagoon. I tried to get close to a mangrove island to see some pelicans and flamingos and I got stuck on a sand bar and had to get out of the boat to turn it around. I later found out by a very concerned native that this island was infested with sting rays and alligators.

"Senior, there are lots of alligators and sting rays around that island. You shouldn't go there"

Apparently el touristo got bit by an aligator a few years back. I'm glad I wasn't his next victim.


Kao-pectate dude. That should clear the crap right up. :) Is this the face you have when that bathroom is a long way off?

Plain Yogurt, must be plain, this will work.


2000 WR400F

tequila........ Sorry Bryan (you are probably not in a humorus mood :) )

If you picked up a parasitic infection, you may need to see a doctor and get some drugs to fix you up.....don't ask how I know :)

Sounds like you need a laptop and a long phone line so you can catch up on Thumpertalk from the "office" :D

Hey I got to ride Clarks bike! check out post on the PC IV SA 2 - flight test from a few days ago...

Get well!


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Sounds like a trip to see Dr. Ed!

Dude, we are going riding tomorrow morning. Want to join us? :)


Dougie, '99 WR400

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Several years ago, we drove down Baja and then ferried across to the mainland, over to Guadalajara, then back up the mainland on a 3 week trip. We took one garlic oil pill with each meal, and we ate everything in sight. At the end of week 2, we forgot our bottle of garlic oil capsules at a restaurant. By the end of the next day, we were all blowing chunks out of both ends for 3 days! At this point, it's too late for the anibiotic effect of garlic. I'd recommend staying very hydrated, and I'd get a friend to run down to the local health food store and buy some Lactobacillus Acidophilus, the stomach's natural "good bacteria", which is also found in yogurt. Get well soon!

"we were all blowing chunks out of both ends for 3 days!"

Hey- don't hold back, tell us what REALLY happened! :):D:D

Hope you feel better soon, Bryan. You really should see the doc.


'00 YZ426

Immodium AD will definately help.

And I thought Monties revenge was something that a family man couldn't catch.

I would go with the Acidophilus, probably an inhabitant of the local water supply, you get it even if you drink bottled water because the cooks need to wash the vegies and their hands in the local water, there are many things that survive the treatment, even in Sydney heh! heh!. The locals probably carry a specific bacteriophage for it, some seasoned travelers make a point of getting close enough to a local to share phages or so I'm told. Mitch will know

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