My bike Just cuts out...Thoughts please

Im riding a 2006 xr650l and I love this bike ..but i've got a this problem of it cutting out when idling at a light. Its like someones hitting the kill switch and i cant figure it out..I recently switched to FCR41mm thinking it was something

attributed to the CV carb , but it still does it... im stumped:crazy:

i know this is stupid, but hows the idle speed? i also run a fcr 41 and i had to really turn in the idle screw to get it to idle. does it fire right back up?:thumbsup:

I have an '01 and have what sounds like the same problem. It's only an annoyance though, it fires right back up easily. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that it might be being caused by the bike running hot.

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