bike computer and odo wire?

i will be putting a cateye computer on my bike this week-end and just looking at the the bike, i think i will be removing the stock odometer. how or what do you use to plug the female end on the hub? also where is the best place to install the magnet and sensor for the computer to the front wheel? i was reading all of the archives and a few said that they were going to post pictures. i could not find any!

I mounted a cateye magnet (two screw type) in the disc, and the pickup on the caliper mount behind the fork. Very well protected.

But the cateye computer dies after about 100kph. Tried another cateye (mountain bike type), and it did the same. They are not suitable for motorbikes. I'm now going to try a sigma

I have a 99WR and removed the odometer. If you purchase the stock YZF spacer and seal you can remove the odometer drive it looks sano and reduces unsprung weight.


I am currently running a Sigma 800. I have heard of the problem of cateye's topping out at 60 mph, so you probably won't want to use one of those.

I used a cateye mangnet (mounts with two screws and a backing plate) and mounted it on the disk rotor. I screwed the Sigma 800 to the left fork guard and wrapped the wire around the brake line (the wires will need to be lengthened) all the way up to the brake lever. I mounted the computer right next to the throttle.

I had some problems with the wires ripping out and had to play around with the routing. This configuration seems to work well. I'll post some pictures this weekend if I get a chance......

My wires kept breaking, three times now with bigger wire each time. I am now up to 16 gauge and need to reroute it in a spiral fashion around the front brake line and see if that works.

Also I bought a small magnet at Radio Shack called neodymium and a little smaller than a pencil eraser. I put a drop of epoxy on it and stuck it to the disc. I also epoxied the pickup on the front brake caliper mount very carefully I might add. You need good spacing and a near 90 degree pass of the magnet to the pickup on the SIgma 800. $30 @REI


I had the same problem with the wires breaking. Once I found a good route for the wires, I have had much better luck.

I spiraled the wires around the brake line all the way up to the lever and mounted the computer on the throttle side. This seemed to be the ticket for me.

For a magnet I used a cateye magnet that I had from an old bicycle. I prefer to screw it down so it is easily removable, rather than use epoxy.

I posted some pictures on the "Wireless Bike Computer" thread below.

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