baja kit installation suggestions?

When you install the battery in the air box, run the wires out the back of the air box. Do this by removing the air box,removing the back cover, take a drummel tool or drill and make a slot so the fuse holder will pass through,it should go out the back towards the fender-alitte in the middle.The back turn signal wires i drilled 1/4 hole in the small humps on each side of the fender.On the 00wr i left the stock headlight bulb in and have not had a problem its a 55/60w.Get a bike computer.For a mirror get the folding kind with the replacement perch, its one that does work.You need a rear reflector so i replaced the two screews facing backwards on the plate holder with L.plate reflective screews.

I own a 00' wr400. I want to make it street legal with a baja kit, but still do a lot of dirt riding. Before I install the kit, are there any modifications and/or improvements I can do to this install or kit to make it easier for disconnecting and/or better for dirt ridin'?

Minor and Major suggestions appreciated.

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