The greatest thing you can do for your bike is.....

Well the greatest thing I did to my bike anyway. And that was...drum roll please....

Put on a 52 tooth rear sprocket and do it tomorrow. It is the YZ timing equalizer that I need. As you know I was going back to WR timing after my Moab trip due the lack of control I had climbing the nasty rocky inclines. I no longer am contemplating going back to WR timing and it is all do to the 52 tooth sprocket.

I had to put on new srockets and a chain this past week. I decided to keep the 14 tooth front and go up to a 52 in the rear (stock is 50). What a huge difference it made with my YZ timing. Plus it shortened my wheelbase by about 1 and 1/4 inches. That was with the same chain length. It brought my rear wheel so far in that everytime I moved the bike in reverse it pulled up the mud flap. But the chain stretched out quite a bit on the first ride already. Still I should have a shorter wheelbase for quite a while.

Anyway back to how this 52 tooth sprocket changed my life.

1) Still had a very decent usable first gear.

2) I was able to smoothly climb rocky inclines in second gear and if I needed more control, I just dropped it into first. Still good control.

3) I was in third gear 85% of the time on trails I use to be in second gear on.

4) Less clutching. Significantly less clutching. I was in 3rd gear most of the time.

5) Less stalling. Not only that, I was brake sliding into turns and I didn't have to pull the clutch in on more than half of them. Only on the real tight turns did I have to clutch.

6) I was crawling down ugly inclines.

7) Less braking. I'm not sure if this was my imagination or not, but it sure felt like I had more engine braking than before. Which was non existent with YZ timing.

8) Wheelies. I was actually doing wheelies. Not KerryT type stuff but wheelies none the less. Which for me is huge.

I did loose some top speed. I was not able to really open it up, but the one time I did on the road, I could definately tell a difference in top speed. Probably a loss of 10mph. But I never ride anywhere that really allows me to open her up anyway. Unless it is on a road going to or coming from a trail head.

That is my recommendation for the best mod you can make. I even recommend it for WR timing. All that other stuff I put on pales in comparison. I just wish I did this first thing. It would have saved me loads of cash.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics

[This message has been edited by Dougie (edited 05-01-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Dougie (edited 05-01-2000).]

You mean the best thing after giving it gas?

And changing the oil?

And changing the oil filter often?

And jetting it so it runs right?

And keeping the headset lubbed?

And keeping the rear linkage lubbed?

And giving it new tires?

And checking your spoke tension?

And removing the air box?

And letting the exhaust breath?

And, and and...

Sorry Dougie, just being a smart-ass.

Spending so much money on this big blue sucker is starting to wear me down.


I would have to agree--but I run a 13/50 (ohio woods). This is even lower gearing than 14/52 and really helps keep the bike from lugging too bad and keeping the gear you are in around turns. The increased torque is great (WR timing), and the engine braking is much more like a "normal" 4-stroke now. Usually a good thing, but it took me a ride to get used to it.

But since I just put a YZ seat/tank on this last week and really like the improvement, my vote is for the seat/tank as the best thing you can do. I have also decided to order te WB e-series Cf pro-meg-once I get that on my story may change.

mcarp-several dollars poorer but many smiles richer after buying a WR.


I run a shortened chain to get rid of usless weight and use 13/48 for trails and 13/46 for dual sport and desert. The 13/48 with the shortened chain shortens the wheel base, improves turning and provides a 3.7% lower gear ratio over stock for tight conditions. The 13/48 is 0.9% taller than stock it lengthenes the wheel base for stability and still runs the shorter chain. In the desert and for dual sport its perfect. I have tried every combination out of the followeing F(13,14,15) R(46,48,49,50) and like the combination I discussed above the best. I have a lot of sprockets.


Dougie, did you say 1 and 1/4 inches? I think you need to remeasure. I think 1/4-1/2 is how much it moved.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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