Canadian pipe ?

Does anyone know if the Canadian pipe is US Forestry approved Thanks.

If it is, it certainly does not say so on the pipe. I don't think it is either.


I have one and there is no spark arrestor that I can see. Like Fershy, don't know for sure, but I doubt that it is legal.

Take a coat hanger, straighten it out, stick it in the pipe, and if it goes it quite a ways (e.g, til it reaches connection of header pipe) then its safe to say she's got no spark arrester. Thats the principle I've always worked on.



91 Husky 610WXE

I have tried that and it has some baffles in it .The pipe is just a little louder then the U.S. pipe and the performance better.I have called the ranger and they do not know, emaild the park service and am waiting for a responce.

Can someone in Canada ask there dealer.THANKS.

From my experience, if the muffler was a spark arrester or forestry approved, it would have a plate attached to it saying so. This certainly is the case with numerous other dirtbikes I have owned and viewed. Mike if you are really wishing this this this Canadian pipe to be forestry legal, which in my opinion is not, you may want to spot weld your own forestry approved tag on it. Just don't start any forest fires!


Mike, I live in Canada and I don't think we are required to have a spark arrestor in any of the places I have been. I checked my pipe and it does not carry any markings indicating it would be U.S. Forestry approved. Why would it. Secondly my stock silencer is not rebuildable which leads me to believe it is only a muffler since a spark arrestor must have a screen or plates that would require periodic cleaning. I installed a White Bro's E Series spark arrestor for my trip to Moab UT last year and I have never switched back!

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