swingarm maintenance

I just pulled my 98 wr400 swingarm apart for maintenance. I purchased it about 6 months ago and the previous owner said he did regular maintenance to it. Well, I'm over $100 on parts already and I'm only replacing the really bad parts. Both thrust washers on each side of the swingarm were trashed. One had deteriorated into small bits that were slowly eating my swingarm up. There was no indication that anything was wrong, I've just been taking something apart after every ride and checking it out. If anyone out there hasn't checked their swingarm lately, now might be a good time to take it apart and check/lube all bearings. Also check the relay arm (also had one bearing dry/trashed). The manual says to use soap based grease on these bearings. Has anyone used racing grease on these or does everyone follow the manuals recommendations for grease/oil.

Tom in St. Louis, 98 wr, yz timing, open stock exhaust, air box lid removed.

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Something new out is swingarm rebuild kits. I am looking at them right now in my 2000 Dennis Kirk catalog, pg 236. They are made by Pivot Works. It HAS to be cheaper than the official monopolizing "Yamaha Replacement Parts" bin located at your friendly Yamaha Shop. There are two kits: Linkage bearing kit (WR400) @ $75.99 and swingarm bearing kit (98 or 99 YZ) for $66.99. It includes, and I quote, "...everything for a total rebuild - case hardened pins, brgs, collars and rubber seals". From the picture, it does look complete.

This info may be too late, but at least you now know it's out there.

As for grease, I use molybdenum disulfide on everything, including my creaky knee joints! I do my bearings every 2 to 3 months.



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What is Molybdenum disulfide grease?, i use a Bel ray grease which says it's good for all bearings won't thin out, won't hurt o rings, good for salt and fresh water they say it's a very good grease or is it?

Any imput Dudes, thanks.


2000 WR400F

I have the same problem with grease. What people recommend and what is on the shelf are not named the same even though they may have the same generic name. I bought belray race grease and it basicaly says it is good for everything but it never says exactly what type it is, that's why I'm a little concerned about what type to use. Kevin-thanks for the tip on Dennis Kirk, I guess I need to order a catalog from them.

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Molybdenum disulfide grease is what is recommended in the manual. It is a high pressure grease used on suspension components and ball joints in cars.

As I have stated many times before on this forum--go to a Honda dealer and pickup a tube of their moly paste it comes in the small 3oz tubes suitable for the small sized grease guns. It has a guarnteed 60% minimum moly content and works great in high pressure high load conditions like swing arm pivots etc. Just open the tube and using your finger squish it in thorughout the needle bearings.


Thanks Clark-coincidently my Yamaha dealer is also my Honda dealer, I'll pick up some paste this week. Thanks for the info-do you use it on all bearings on the bike or just the ones that recommend moly.



I only use it in high stress areas: all the suspension bearings, linkage, through bolts, shock bolts, etc. For the steering head I use a good water proof grease and mix it with about 20% of the Honda Moly paste.


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