stearing dampners

The track I will be racing this year is somewhat open fast paced riding with lots and lots and lots of choppy ground. I mean really choppy ground. My hands look like hambuger today and they were in good shape full of calus's before the race. In your guys experiance do the stering dampners help out that much. Are they worth the money? Where do you see the most benifit? Which Dampners can be moved from bike to bike? Which dampners can you use with your stock triple clamps?

The answer to all your arm pump questions: Scotts Steering Damper, Scotts Steering Damper, Scotts Steering Damper.

My arms used to pump up big time and after about 15 minutes I was really hurting. With my Scotts damper, that is never an issue any more. I never get arm pump! On big whoops it absorbs any side impact so you don't have to work as hard. On rocks and roots, the handle bar doesn't get jerked out of my hands. Deep sand is much easier.

Now that I've ridden with one and without one, I personally would not go without one again. $400 is a lot of dollars but you only have to make the purchase once since it will easily adapt to other bikes.

Yes, it adapts to the stock WR400 triple claims and has a piece that goes around the oil dip stick. Getting the dip stick out is marginally more difficult but not that big of a deal.

The Scotts unit has a dial on it so it can be adjusted on the trail. I keep mine pretty stiff but if I get into some tight turns I turn the adjuster down a little so that I can whip the steering back and forth quicker.

Notice on this forum that all riders without a damper questions it's value. All those with a damper wouldn't ride a bike without one. Interesting eh? Or maybe we are justifying our purchase? (I don't think it's that)


Well Bryan you convinced me. I think I will order one today. I will let everyone know what a skeptic thinks of it on some rough terrain. Trust me I have the perfect proving ground.

Any suggestions on getting the cheapest price?

Bryan, are you trying to tell us you use a steering damper? Wow, what ever for... :D... just kidding old buddy.... Put that gun away.... :)...Bryan, I hope it's not loaded....

That's OK to give me grief Mitch. I can take it. I don't get mad. In fact, I take it CONSTANTLY from my riding buddies here in the states.


In the nasties a dampener is the only way to go. I'v used Scotts for the past 12 years and when I take it off for maintenance or whatever and forget to install it and then ride without it I'm not a happy camper. You cannot adequately explain how it works to someone who has never used one for an extened ride because it sounds like you are preaching witchcraft. It works especially in nasty rocks and in high speed sand washes and on breaking down from speed in sand it gets rid of headshake and hopefully we do not have to explain headshake or tank swaper anymore.


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[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 05-01-2000).]

To really appreciate the damper, ride it for 4 or 5 rides and get used to it and get it tuned to your personal preference. Then, take the sucker off and go for a ride. THAT'S when you really KNOW how much it helps.

When I did this, I rode for about 15 minutes without the damper and declared, 'riding without the damper completely SUCKS'. I went back to my truck and put it back on and it'll remain installed forever.


I use a WER. But recommend a Scotts to anyone wanting one.


Darin from Missouri WR400F Pro-Tapers, Applied TC, Clarke 3.3, YZ seat, Scotts Shark Fin, FMF PC IV S.A., One Industries Hannah Retro Kit, WER Steering Dampner,Pacemaker Computer, Andrews Powder Coating-painted gloss black

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