the right procedure to start a 426

any body no the right way im new to the thumper gamee nnn i need some advice

any body no the right way im new to the thumper gamee nnn i need some advice

Cold start, wick the throttle twice, bring the piston to TDC, then pull the decomp lever and move the kick start 1 inch so its just past TDC. Then give it one big kick. For a warm engine do the same thing except pull the hot start on the carb and don't wick the throttle. If you install a auto decomp cam starting will be 10 times easier for you.

there have been about 967674@89384 threads asking the same question.

1. choke if cold / hot start if hot

2. find tdc (i like 10 o'clock)

3. all the way back up

4. kick all the way through

5. turn off choke / hot start

touching the throttle has mostly created problems for me while starting. when it does work well for me: crash...flooded...wont start...kick through...2 wide open twists of the throttle...kick through a time or two....then go through normal starting process

don't immediately jump on the hot cam band-wagon. the starting process shouldn't be a problem after 5 rides at most unless valves need adjusting. mine starts 1 kick while cold and 3 on average when hot.

Step 1: Install Decomp Cam

Step 2: Kick Efortlessly


Is it required to use the hot start button when riding? I only use my 1 outa 10 times when it wont start on the second kick. 99% of the time starts first kick without the hot start (havent dumped it yet)

If I shut my '03 off hot, then restart it in a few minutes, the hot start is seldom needed. If I stall it and have to restart immediately, it is usually needed. Experiment.

Step 1: Install Decomp Cam

Step 2: Kick Efortlessly


The best advice!!!!

Just like starting my old 2 stroke now.

I have a 98 YZ400 so it is pretty much the same.

Cold starts are a pain I usually start it while it is still tied down to the trailer so I can just stand on it w/o having to balance.

Pull the choke

Pull decomp lever and kick thru about 4-5 times

Find TDC and kick hard

Repeat untill it starts

Mine usually takes about 3-4 cycles before it gets happy. After that I can start it first or second kick w/o the decomp lever.

Cold starting:

1. turn gas on

2. open choke

3. pull out kickstart lever and push untill TDC (top dead center, there will be a spot as u push the kickstart lever when there will be more resistance)

4. now u have the kickstart lever stopped on TDC. only apply enough pressure to keep the kickstart in place on TDC.

5. pull in decompression lever and push the kickstart an inch or two past TDC.

6. release decomp. lever.

7. let kickstart return all the way to the top.

8. push down on the lever slightly and you should feel that TDC resistance again. (if you dont you've done something wrong and need to repeat steps 3-7)

9. kick hard untill the kickstart lever hits the footpeg.

10. repeat procedure untill it starts up.

i use the same procedure for hot aswell execpt pull the hotstart, not the choke.

this may seem hard to understand and that you'd never be able to do it but after a while u'll get used to it and be pretty fast at it. i can now start mine up the first kick using this procedure hot or cold.

Well ,ive read so many friggin ways to do this , and hte simplest way is to:

1)pull the decomp in about half an inch

2)kick it slow till the strain comes off(dont move it past that point)

3)let the kick start back up

4)Kick it (if it doesnt start repeat steps 1-4)

When cold use the choke , and please dont touch your throttle or you in for trouble ahah. When its hot give it 2-3 kicks if it doesnt start hit your hot start. When you drop or stall the bike, just use the hot start and start it the way mentioned above.When flooded, all i do is turn the gas off, put the choke on(doesnt matter if its hot or cold) kick it about 1-2 times, then one with the throttle open about quarter way, and then one more kick, turn choke off, turn gas back on and it,kick it & it should fire up .Iim 15, 115 pounds and about 5'9'' and i can start it within 3 kicks everytime, usually the 2nd tho, and usually first hot.

any body no the right way im new to the thumper gamee nnn i need some advice

In all honestly this is the single best mod for the bike (decomp cam). I heard the other guys say that before and thought :thumbsup::busted::cheers: but once I did it and tried it my first thought was "Why did i wait so long?" I can bump start, roll start if i stall it, and just hop on and stomp like crazy with out needing my riding boot for the right foot.

Just do it!:thumbsup:

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