I love all you guys!!!!

From "Damper Bryan" to "Girly Man Kevie", i love all you guys.... :D

Being all the way in OZ and listening to all your fun stories convinces me that I need to move back to San Fran. This will happen after Kevvie finishes his trip Down Under Next year..... :)

You all take care now.

Monkey butt Mitch


Don't you dare move to the States until I can get my sorry ass down there for a visit!!

Damper Bryan!

I like that!

Thanks Mitch!

Think Scotts will sponsor me? I guess I have to learn to ride first though eh? :)

When will you be in the states? How long?

I wish we could figure out how to get together and ride sometime.


Hey Bryan,

Two options exist....

1. October. You are going on another Moab ride I believe... :)

2. Thanks Giving. i will be back for the Glamis Carnage... :D

Let me know which suits/fits you....

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