Starting Anomaly

My bike has always started one or two kicks. On Saturday, it started one kick, I let it run for about 3 minutes, pushed in the choke and it died immediately - and took about an hour to get started again. It ran great the rest of the day but man, after it died that first time I thought it would never start again. Any thoughts as to what to do if this happens again?

There is that critical period after you push the choke in but before the bike is warmed up that if it dies, it may be hard to start.

I'm guessing you might have choked for too long or used the choke again when starting it the second time and possibly fouled the plug. But by kicking for an hour (OH MY GOD!) got lucky and somehow cleared the plug enough to get it fired up. After about 5 minutes I would have just pulled the plug and started over.

I ALWAYS do EVERYTHING possible to keep the bike from dying right after I put the choke back in to avoid this type of problem. I keep it slightly reved for a few minutes or even turn up the engine idle until it's pretty warm.

By the way, since I've gone to YZ timing, the engine is easier to start, idles better when cool, RARELY needs the hot start to get it going after it stalls or I kill the engine, and almost always starts 1st kick when warm. Am I nuts or is this everyone elses experience too?



My bike too was starting first kick last time I had her going. I was impressed.

I'v recently experience the same problems after a year of easy starting and no problems coming off the choke. I took my carb apart and found it filled with dirt on the top of the slide and down the slide. The air box and air box snorkle were clean. I think the dirt is coming in around the top gasket on the carb. I gaskasynched that sucker on and put everything back together, will try it next weekend. Hopefully my hard starting and problems coming off the choke are gone.

As to coming of the choke and heading towards fouling the plug I totally agree with Bryans comment as it has been my experience that when hard to start under these circumstances it is a fouled or near fouled (ie rich) condition and using the HOT start button helps clear and start the engine.


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Ah, good advice Clark.

I have the handle bar mounted hot start and last time I had this problem (seemed to be starting to foul right after I turned off the choke) I slightly cracked the hot start until the plug cleared. Once the engine was warm it ran great.


I think having the correct jetting improves starting heaps. Mine always started first kick hot or cold, and I never use the hot start unless I stall it.

When I cold start I only use the choke for about 20 seconds, as I once had the same problem. Since the 20 second routine, it has been flawless.


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Thanks for all the replies. I think you were right, I left it on choke too long. If I just go 20 seconds or so it works fine.

Just for interest; What actually got the bike going was turning the gas off, leaning the bike over until the gas drained out, pulling the hot start button out and when the bike started I turned the gas back on.

Until I tried the above, nothing worked. After doing the above it was a couple of kicks. Never again will I go for "just a quick ride" and not take tools and extra spark-plug.

If you let the bike run for a extended period of time on the choke it will definately lead to a foul plug. I'v done it and could not get it started until I change the plug.


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