Dual Sport Updates

Dear Dual Sport Enthusiasts,

On April 15, at the Trail of 100 Giants in the Sequoia NF, President Clinton

proclaimed much of the areas containing the trails used in our upcoming

Sequoia ride as a new national monument. On January 1st, 2001, motorized use

will no longer be allowed. This will be your last year to enjoy those

trails. Our Riders of the Round Table event scheduled in October completely

utilizes trails in this new monument and will no longer be offered after

this year. We hope to see you at those two rides. Our Sequoia Scenic

Challenge will continue each year at an earlier date from Lake Isabella

utilizing the lower forest trails and road systems.

There is a powerful coalition of local users forming to perhaps prevent this

monument from happening and a meeting has been announced for this Tuesday,

May 2nd, at Hodel's Restaurant in Bakersfield at 7:00 pm. I hope to attend

along with you and our fellow enthusiasts. For more info, call Dick Taylor

at: 661-327-0216. I will keep you informed as they will need our donations

for lawyer fees.

The following weekend after this, May 6 & 7 is our "Trails of the Tejon"

ride from Lebec/Gorman located atop Interstate 5. We will be in the parking

lot of the Best Rest Inn and the Flying "J" Truck Stop for sign-ups. I'll be

spending the next several days scouting and charting new routes for two days

of fun and adventure. Please attend!

Visit http://www.dualdogs.com today for more ride information and entry form

print outs. We hope to see you at our Sequoia rides as it will be your last

opportunity to traverse the best trails in the Southern Sierra Nevada's.


More from Dual Dogs:

Dear Dual Sport friends,

It appears I will be out of town May 2nd through the 4th missing the

coalition meeting in Bakersfield. Are there any of you out there who can

attend and represent Team Dual Dogs with our support and be able to report

back the information needed? It would be most appreciated.

Some facts and information to present:

We have in our database over 3000 Dual Sport enthusiasts and 200 aftermarket

marketing managers nationwide. 2000 of those are our event participants and

local enthusiasts, our email address book is near 400 and growing.

We have used trails and roads within the Sequoia National Forest and its

Monument for ten years with recorded use and annual volunteer trail work

totaling hundreds of man hours.

We can help with a donation drive and any quick response with our email

members. Our events are welcome to any coalition members wanting to attend

and set-up any booth for a donation drive. We want to help.

Please consider to attend and any donation would be greatly needed.

Thank you,

Damon Powell


Our Democratic President in action repaying all those environmentalists for their $ in the name of saving our nations historic places for "future generations". I personally invested heavily in fighting the total erosinon of our sport for what I bleieve are false claims and using public histeria in place of logic and fact. But now the Deomcrats are brainwashing our children on the "fact that we are most certinly destroying our planet" with little facts. The battle is coming to an end and the numbers and political slant are not in our favor its taken 15 years of steam out of me and I getting tired and pissed at our national agenda and its furtherance base on politics and not fact. We are on the verge of losing access to all public lands for our sport forever. It will be fun at the local track with 10,000 others on any given day. I'v never been to a track and have ridden off road for more years than I care to recall.

O'well enough venting.


[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 05-01-2000).]

Thanks Damon and Clark for everything you're doing!

Check out the Dual Dogs web site! Damon and the others have done a great job! They must have a real graphics artist on staff :)


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