Does Anybody Regret Selling there 426?

I'm thinking about buying another bike, but I'm not sure if I want to give up my 426. Its set-up perfectly for me. And if I buy a 450 (blue or red), I'd have to start all over with mods.

Any regrets from you previous 426 owners? :thumbsup:

Out of all that I've owned, I most regret selling my BSA '71 B50MX, the Goldstar, the Triumph Triple, and the Norton N15CS that was like a street legal Grand National TT bike, and very much like a sort of '70's SM ride. I wish I'd had the foresight to have kept one or two of those.

You've had that bike as long as I've known you, and it's been something special that stands out from the rest. I know that for most of us, every dollar is tough to come by, but, you'll never get more than $2500 for the thing, and the '06 has been out long enough now to find a good deal on a used one. Obviously, you can't keep them all, and you wouldn't want to, but there might be one, just one, that would be good enough to take you back in time one day. I think you should try to keep it. 25 years from now, you may be really happy that you did.

I hear ya Gray. That bike is like part of the family. I bought it new (Dec 2001) and have loved it dearly. I've won, and lost a lot of races on it. I didn't realize (until today) how attached I am to it.

I may take your advice and try to find a used 450. I hate buying used, but if I do, I can probably do so without selling my baby.

i certainly would because i can ride mine all year...something 03+ yzf can't do

not one will never look back....:thumbsup:

I'd keep it for a while and see how you feel about it once you get your new ride. I kept my 426 for a couple years after getting my '03. I found I never rode it any more and after a while that warm fuzzy feeling I had for my 426 was replaced by the warm fuzzy feeling for my 450. I sold by 426 a few months ago and have not regretted it.

OTH you might be different and that's why it would be a good thing to keep it for a while and see. Maybe you'll find you're glad you still have the ol 426.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. It has nothing to do with whether you'll like the bike you replace it with. For the most part, I liked every bike I ever bought (there were exceptions) as well as or better than the one before it. And the truth is that none of the bikes on the list I posted are even close to as good as what you can get now.

But those, and maybe a couple others, were special enough in the context of my personal history as a motorcyclist that I really would like to have them sitting in the garage today. I don't miss them all, just certain ones. It's something that you can't see that well when you're 28 or 32, or even 40, but later, you might see it differently.

I understand what your saying gray. Its about the memories of the places and times I've had on that bike. I've had some good ones too. I've rode in 5 different states with that bike, raced countless races (MX and HS's, even a couple GP's), won/lost, but I've never pushed it back to the truck!

My minds made up, I'm keeping it. I don't think I can sell it. As a matter of fact, I installed a holeshot device on it tonight. I didn't really need it, but I needed to spend some quality garage time with it. (Which my not make sense to some)...

Thanks for the advice Gray. BTW, how young are you?

That's one of the Unknowable Truths, but I will tell you that I'm more than twice your age. :shhh:

642MX, I've been from the 426 to the 03 and now the 06. I almost cried when that 03 left and now I still have the pictures and what's in my head to remember. Move ahead. No regrets

I've got a 426 and I do love it to death. But after riding my buddies 250f and 450 I really wanna upgrade.

Maybe you won't need all the mods with the new bike cause it's that much better......

I came by my 426 in an unlikely and untimely fashion. It belonged to my best riding buddy back in '04 (he bought it new in '02) when he had a fatal heart attack while on our local MX course. It was a cool day and he wasn't even going hard when it happened...just his time.

I then traded some carpentry work with his widow for the bike and have had it ever since. I gave my then favorite bike (an '01 DRZ400) to my son and proceeded to mod the YZ towards a full-on woods bike with a Scotts damper, flywheel weight, reworked suspension and just recently I rebuilt the top-end and now lacing new wheels for it.

This bike has been for me a great learning machine as I dove into learning how to wrench, became a better rider (since it's so much more bike than the DRZ) and most of all it's a lasting memory of my dear late friend.

I may get a new bike one day even soon, (been looking at a new KTM EXC300 2stroke) but this machine will always be in my garage and I will never have to say I miss my ole 426.:thumbsup:

If I look back over all my years of purchasing bikes, there were some that I loved like a father, and others that I wanted to kick in the balz like a stupid stepbrother. Every time I purchase new, I say to myself "Wow, this new bike is AMAZING". All's it is in reality is better engineering suspension, and lighter weight. Your 426 was a reliable, and admirable bike IN IT'S DAY. It's time has passed, like a retired war veteran...... Once you get on something like an '06-07, you will be grinning all the way around the race track!!!! The tech advancements, peticularly the LESS WEIGHT is truly amazing even over the past 3-4 years....

Grey is right about getting a good deal on a 06. They will be out there for 3800-4500, soon, if not already. Pick one up and keep the 426. Then, you may find that you don't ride the 426 anymore and may decide to sell it, at that point. But, if you decide to keep it, you will be able to do so. You can always sell it, but once it's gone, it's gone.


Too many stupid rules here in California. My wr426 is a green sticker bike, which means I can ride it year-round with no restrictions. Besides, it goes faster than I can ride it.:thumbsup:

And I like it.

PS: I still have my 69 Matador too!

I'm with Gray on this one. I still have the '83 xr350 I bought when graduating from college. I've been into and out of dirt bikes several times since getting the xr. But, every time I change interests and sell the new dirt bikes, its always the one that is there to get me interested in them again with a trip to the Rockies, the Ozarks or Baja... or memories of them.

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