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Well I'm back on the dirt after a long break from off road dirt bikes due to lack of the cash. I recently decided what I wanted and went out and found it at a fairly decent price. I ended up with a 03 YZ450F. Aside from the lowsy attempt by the previous owner to make it a yellow, "Hurricane" edition it looked, sounded and ran like it was in good order and well maintained. Being a little naive I took it based on his word that he had changed the oil religeously. When I got it to my shop and started tearing it down to get the yellow parts off and change the oil I was a little shocked at the sluge that came out of he thing. Obviously it wasnt as well maintained as I thought. Anyway short of changing the oil, filter, cleaning the strainer, air filter, lubing axles, etc. what should I be doing to make sure this thing is happy again? It tarts fist kick, goes like stink, sounds good. I am worried though, that there may be something damaged by the neglect it suffered at the hands of the previous owner.

Any ideas guys, gals?


First, it's naive, but that's OK. The only thing that you can do now, short of tearing the bike down and looking for worn stuff, is to change the oil often, like every ride day or each 1-2 hours of run time, filter included, with a strainer inspection the next two times, and use a good, high grade synthetic oil intended for use in motorcycles that share oil with their transmissions (the tranny beats the crap out of oils with normal additives). After that, the oil should start to look pretty normal when you drain it, and you can start to relax a little.

The YZ450 is an extraordinary engine. It has a fairly good chance of being OK. It is 4 years old, though.

Grays right, frequent oil changes are the life of these motors.

If it where mine, I'd throw a timing chain in it, just to be on the safe side. The YZF's weakest link is the timing chain. A worn chain will wear the crank sprocket and the crank sprocket can't be replaced without spliting the case and buying a crank half.

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