Who is comming to the party this weekend in CA?

Who is comming to the party this weekend for the Adelanto Grand Prix. The grand prix is on the 23rd and 24th. There are 7 races Saturday and 6 on Sunday. There is food vendors, MX vendors, music, probably a small carnival again, parties all over the place on Saturday night, FREE open camping and parking, a $10,000.00 pro purse race and factory teams. You can also race down residential streets without the neighbors calling the cops on you at this race. You can't beat that. This race is fun and for everyone of all skill levels. This race usually draws over 2000 racers. It's about a hour and a half drive from Orange County, California. Here is where you can get info about the race http://desertvipersmc.com/ here is a map on how to get there http://desertvipersmc.com/Ad2k/inform.htm#map and here is the race schedule http://desertvipersmc.com/Ad2k/schedule.htm This race is off the 395 a few miles before Sunrise Cycle Park. The course is about 8 miles and consist of some street sections, desert, and a motocross section toward the end of the loop. There is also a big mud hole jump which has swallowed many of riders in the past. The mud hole jump has a slower alternate route to. See you at the party.

I'll be there. Should be alot of fun. Im racing on Saturday at 12:30pm the Best in the desert class (ironman). Mud hole jump? I hope to just jump the whole thing. Im not too sure how much faster it is but the croud sure loves it.

Dan :)

That mudhole jump was rather small, distance wise, but the takeoff was too high for a flat landing. I saw many head snaps.

Scott, Im with you on that. I jumped it the first time around and landed REALLY hard. Then I noticed Roseler taking the inside line (the whoops) and didn't loose any time so it was whoops for me too.

Mud hole - first lap around, I didn't know where to expect it, and I saw this line to the right that nobody was taking, so I took it...and landed right in the middle of the water. That water was cold ! I didn't crash, and 2 - 4th lap I jumped it clean, although the last lap I landed so hard that I think I still feel it.

What a great event...there must have been 2000 RV's and so many people and bikes. Hats off to Adelanto for letting us take over the town for the weekend. That was the first time I raced it, and I'll be back every year. Only if the wind gods had smiled a little more on Saturday !

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