Can an arm cast make you tired?

I've been in a cast for a broken wrist for 4 weeks. The cast goes just about up to my elbow. It's extremely uncomfortable, but the doctor just smiled and said that's the way it should be when I told him. Anyway, for about the last 3 weeks, I've been extremely tired throughout the day. I wake up a few times during the night and assume it's because of this stupid cast I have on. Just curious if anyone else got extremely tired after getting a cast on their arm. Thanks.

They get heavy to lug around and hard to sleep in. Remember that the body is doing extra work healing itself so nutrition is important. I have no medical training but have broke bones.

When I had my broken arm I would wake up in bad pain because the waight of the cast you make my arm fall and hang off the side of the bed. I took a couch pillow and would sleep with it on my chest and my arm resting on that. This helped enough to get better sleep. Im surprised it's so uncomfortable though, they usualy itch and stink but after the first week it shouldn't be to horribly uncomfortable. Was it a really bad break?

The pain from the broken bone will make you tire easily.

The pain from the broken bone will make you tire easily.

i am told that it takes a lot of energy to knit broken bones back together, and to heal in general.

i'm getting 8+ hrs of sleep every night, and i am absolutely exhausted every evening, and would happily sleep longer in the morning. this is 6.5 weeks into recovery from a femur fracture. i know part of it is just the pain in the butt of getting around on crutches, but i was in tip-top physical shape before the accident, and working on getting back into shape now, so it's not JUST the extra effort it takes to move around.

perhaps the human body tries harder to save energy for the healing process by making you feel tired sooner.

Was it a really bad break?

Had a scaphoid (navicular) break. Wasn't terribly bad, but the cast just sucks. My regular doc put the cast on instead of the ortho doc. Just feels really tight about midway up my arm.

yah they do get heavy i just came off a broken wrist/hand (ridin) and he had me in a regular cast for a few weeks and it seemd to be heavy not to mention loose from where all the swelling had went down but after a few weeks the doc put me in a water proof cast i think they call it gortex or somethin cost like $30 but it was worth it light weight and i could take a shower instead of a bath maybe youll be able to get one and tryin to ride after you get a cast off its very awkward and will take several weeks to get used to it again ive had mine off for probably a month or a little bit over a month and its almost back to the same but still different

Im in the exact same situation asd you. i had threee fractures on my wrist a week ago. one on each of the two arm bones very close to the wrist, and one in one of those little bones of the hand. Fortunately they were only hairline fractures so i wont be inmovilized as long as you. (Only 3 1/2 weeks)

The regular doctor only inmovilized my arm with half a cast wrapped with bandages, until i could see the orto who put a fiberglass cast which is pretty light compared to a regular cast. I would have had tjhe orto taken the cast off and put a new one.

Once i sufered a lot of damage on a hand due to a wrongly placed cast. The therapy from having the cast lasted longer than the time in the cast. }It was horrible.

It doesnt go nowhere near the elbow, maybe you can cut off some of your cast off. Remember the point of it is to inm,ovilize the wrist so that it will heal faster and to prevent you from injurying yourself even more.

So cutting a little of the excess from the lower end wont affect at all.

I have only been casted a week now, but i find it very botherful to sleep with. I have noticed drowniness but i guess it is due to the inactivity. I used to be on my ass all day long with work and excercise now im on vacations at work and i cant ride, work out at the gym or go surfing so im all day watching tv or at the pc. It sucks cause it makes me feel depressed.

I cant wait top ride again but i fear the long time it ill take me to fully recover from the cast and be able to properly ride again.

So it seems that having a broken bone does cause you to be more tired. For lack of sleep or the body healing it'self, or both. I also have been more tired than usual, and could not figure out why until I read this post.

I broke my left thumb bone, (metacarpal) June 29th.Yea, I'm left handed. I have three pins holding it together. My hand is in a small cast that just goes under my hand and wraps around my thumb. There is ace bandage holding that on. It's great because I can regulate the tightnes of it. Still sucks though.

My pins are sticking out of my skin, but folded over. They look extremly gross. The pins will come out the end of July, 15 :thumbsup: days and counting. Then it's off to physical therapy. AKA torture.

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