need some help pickin a bike for racing

im 17, 6'1" and 190lbs. i wanna start racin but i dont kno what bike i should get. ive had 5 years experience on bikes and a year on quads. i was thinkin i might be too big for a 250f to be competitive w/ the smaller guys, so i was gonna take my time and work w/ a 450. am i too big for a 250 to race, ive already had one but that was just a drz250. and i found an 06 yz450f for 4500 w/ ;ess than 15 hours on it, is this a good deal?? and ive found an 05 crf250 but it was raced, so im a little iffy about that, what do u guys think? any help is much appreciated

any help???

With your weight and height go with the 450......

an 06 YZ450 for 4500 sounds like a good deal...especially if it has some aftermarket goodies..

I'd go with the 450.

As far as buying a bike that has been raced goes I have found that while they may have been ridden harder they also have in most cases been maintained at a much higher level than the typical playrider maintains their bike. I would rather buy a well maintained race bike than a weekend warrior that rarely changed their oil or cleaned the airfilter.

I think you'd be happier on the 450. The 250f is a nice bike, but with your size you'd be wanting more power in no time.

Also, I think Wiz hit it on the head. The maintenance history of a bike is much more important than if it's been raced.

I know that the crf250's have had valve issues which may or may not still be in play, but that alone would make me wary of the 250honda.

this is probably a very very vague question but how hard is it to learn to race on a 450?

I am 6'4" 180 lbs and i ride a 250f and feel like i do fine on it. I've had it for 3 years now. I agree with getting a race bike that was well maintained because every weekend they usually or should make sure it is in primo condition. I have known people with hondas though that have had valve issues as well.

I just got a 450 in Ohio for $5,500 OTD.

I personally wouldnt be worried about buying a bike that was raced. These things are made for racing and there is no guarentee that someone who rides for fun abuses a bike any less than a racer.

the guy w/ the yzf works for a fairly large dealership in the area so i figured that it was probably maintained very well and the guy that has the 250f's has two 05's that he used for racing so i kinda figured that if he can afford the 2 bikes all at once, then he can afford to take care of them right?

this is probably a very very vague question but how hard is it to learn to race on a 450?

Good question. Riding and racing are two different things.

Have you tried riding a 250F motocrosser yet? They are surprisingly quick little weapons and great fun to ride(I'd probably go for a YZ though). Try to get a ride on one before you decide on what you want. You'll probably crave more power after a short time, but quite often it's best to start on a smaller bike and work your way up, especially if you're racing, that's the reason they have a small bike class. I've seen expert level riders get hurt because they moved up too quickly to the big class.

One of my friends(on a 250F) is a pretty good rider, he was keeping up with the fast guys on practice days. Then, in only his second race ever, after an average start, he was gunning a bit too hard to get up to the front and broke his femur. I'd told him before he even raced that I knew he was a good rider, but he still had to learn to race, and now he believes me, but accidents can happen to anyone. It's best to be careful and smart when you race because you don't really know what the other riders are gonna do, especially in the lower classes where some riders can get a bit out of control. If you get the 450, just take it easy to begin with and you'll be fine.

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