The Ranger finally arrived

After 4 trips to Mammoth Bar to get my 98WR400 (Canadian) tested for sound levels to "comply" he finally showed. I was beginning to think that I could ride without the "Quiet Core" on my E Series but still wanted to make sure. At any rate with 12 disks and the quite core my sound level was down to 103db's as compared to 107dbs without the quiet core. I have the stock head pipe. From there we began taking out disks. It finally made it with 7 disks. It was reading 101 to 102 and the ranger said okay to ride. Thats the good news. Now I need info. With 7 disks does the jetting need to be changed.Elevation is about 2000 ft. I currently have stock jetting and the timing is stock. With the 12 disks my bike has always run great. It was getting late so I did not have the opportunity to do some laps, so I don't really know the effect yet, but I am concerned that I may start fouling some plugs. But then again what do I know. Ranger stated that White Bros and FMF have called him and asked about the noise levels and seemed concerned, but again, may be all talk. Any help with the disks and jetting would be helpful. I am wondering if it is all worth it. I want all the power but am wondering if all the mods I may have to do is worth it. I need some support, :) talk me out of replacing my bike. Anyone know how quiet the KTM 400 or 520 is?



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