xr650l issue?

Hi, this is my first post in thumpertalk... I have an 05 xr650l, which is great... I've been in the process of upgrading some things, and I noticed something which I think may be a problem... the rear shock has what seems to be a lot of freeplay... it moves side to side... I never noticed anything like this on my DR.

Here is a pic with it all the way clockwise:


and all the way counterclockwise:


again clockwise:


again counterclockwise:


I posted this on another forum, but got no help... somebody did mention that the frame mount looked bent... the left side does look slightly dished... is this a big problem? Is anybody else's bike like this... :thumbsup: any help is greatly appreciated...


That's a common trait (bushing play) in a LOT of Honda's and mine which is a 94XR650L, does exactly the same thing.

Mine is a low 5000 miles so even brand new Honda's may have this?

Yep, from 3 wheelers to DS's to motcrossers, most all of my Honda's did that.

In time they can get a bit of up and down play too.

My 2005 does the same thing. I asked the same question and got the same answer, "its normal". I havent had any problems so far!:thumbsup:

Hey welcome to Thumper Talk by the way! Lots of good people here with tons of info to tap into! Ride safe!

its the bushings I replaced mine and its fine now.pivot works sells a complete kit.

mine also is an 05. it does the same thing. think its normal.

thanks for the reassuring words.

Same on my 07.

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