The VIN Eight Digit--California Sucks

Here is the closest thing to an official web site I could find on the "eighth digit" VIN thing. I talked to four DMV offices spreadout all over California today. They were all clued in to this and were emphatic about not being able to dual sport a bike with this VIN. Did I mention that California SUCKS!

December, 1998

CONTACT: California Air Resources Board (CARB)

TEL: (800) 242-4450.

Information Expires December, 1999

The Latest on the 2-Stroke Issue

By Don Fuller

[2-Stroke Riding Schedule]

On December 10th, 1998 the California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted to change their regulations. Motorcycles and All Terrain Vehicles manufactured after January 1, 1997 that do not meet the CARB emissions standards, will now be allowed to operate when the air is not filled with smog, according to the new regulations.

CARB developed regulations in 1994, that prohibited off-road motorcycles and all terrain vehicles that did not meet the new emissions standards, from obtaining Green Sticker registration from DMV. Non-complying vehicles, including all new two strokes and several of the new four strokes (Yamaha 400), would be limited to closed course, competition race facilities only. It appeared as if the off road vehicle dealers were going to be devastated because of these regulations.

The compromise was developed with the assistance of the OHMVR Division, BLM, AMA, and the Motorcycle Dealers Association. CARB looked at each riding area in the state and then compared those to the seasonal air quality. In many cases, the riding seasons were opposite the smoggy season. (Who wants to ride when it is hot and smoggy?) The attached list below will tell you what the riding season will be at your favorite riding areas.

While not a perfect agreement, we were able to come up with some reasonable riding seasons. The only alternative was that non-complying vehicles could only be ridden in closed course races. Most of the desert got a riding season of Thanksgiving to Easter. That is when most people want to ride in the desert anyway. Northern California was able to get an all year round season because it has the best air quality.

The way in which these regulations will be enforced is that manufacturers will put either a 3 or C in the eighth position of the Vehicle Identification Number if the vehicle does not meet the emission standards. (No, you don't have to get a smog check every year, CARB will determine each model year whether or not the whole series can meet the standards). If your vehicle has a 3 or a C, then DMV should issue you a red sticker instead of a Green Sticker. It will be exactly the same as a Green Sticker, except that it will tell the land management agencies that this vehicle can only be ridden in the non-smoggy season as identified by CARB.

What happens if you get caught riding out of season? You can receive a citation for a violation of a CARB regulation. Each judicial jurisdiction will determine its own bail.

If you are in the market for a new off-highway vehicle, you must now decide if it is worth it to purchase a non-complying vehicle and ride it for a shortened season (usually the best months) or do you want to buy a complying vehicle and be able to ride it all year round.

2-Stroke Riding Schedule

California State Parks

OHMVR Division SVRAs

1. Carnegie Nov 1 - Apr 30

2. Clay Pit Nov 1 - Jun 30

3. Hollister Hills Oct 1 - May 25

4. Hungry Valley Oct 1 - Apr 30

5. 0cotillo Wells Oct 15 - May 15

6. Oceano Dunes Sep 15 - May 15

7. Prairie City Oct 15 - Apr 15

8. Mammoth Bar Oct 1 - May 31 Other Jurisdictions

1. Frank Raines Oct 1 - May 31

2. Glen Helen (closed course)

3. La Grange Nov 1 - Mar 31

4. Park Moabi Year-round

5. Riverfront Park Year-round

6. Santa Clara (Metcalf)

Nov 1 - Apr 30

8. Black Butte Lake Year-round

9. Laguna Seca (closed course)

10. Tulare Cycle Park

(closed course)

11. Hanford Cycle Park

(closed course)

12. Porterville OHV Park

(closed course)

Bureau of Land Management

2-Stroke Riding Schedule

BakersfieldDistrict Office

1. Clear Creek Oct 1 ­May 3l

2. Bishop Year-round

BLM Northern California (NORCAL)

3. Fort Sage Year-round

4. Samoa Dunes Year-round

5. Black Sands Year-round

6. Chappie-Shasta

Oct 1 - May 31

7. South Cow Mountain


8. Knoxville Year-round

California Desert District Office

9. Olancha Dunes Year-round

10. Panamint (closed) Year-round

11. Spangler Hills Oct 1 - May 31

12. Jawbone/Dove Oct 1 - May 31

13. Dumont Dunes Nov I - Apr 30 14. Stoddard Valley

Oct 1 - Apr 30.

15. Johnson Valley Oct 1 - Apr 30

16. Superstition Mountain

Oct 1 - May 31

17. Imperial/Glamis/Gecko

Oct 1 - Apr 30

18. Plaster City Oct 1 - May 31

19. Imperial/ Oct 1, Apr 30

Buttercup Valley

20. Lark Canyon Dec 1 - Jan 31

21. Rasor Oct 1 - Apr 30

22. Imperial/Mammoth Wash

Oct 1 - Apr 30

24. El Mirage/Shadow Mtns.

Nov 1 - Mar 1

California Desert District Office

25. Rice Valley Year-round

26. Parker Strip Year-round

U.S. Forest Service --- 2-Stroke Riding Schedule

Angeles National Forest

1. Mt. Baldy Dec 1 - Jan 31

2. Rowher Flat

Nov 1 -; March 31

3. Tujunga Dec 1 - Jan 31

4. Littlerock Nov 1 - March 31

Cleveland National Forest

5. Corral Canyon Dec 1 - Jan 31

6. Wildomar Dec 1 - Feb 28

Eldorado National Forest

7. Mace Mill - Rock Creek

Oct 15 - May 31

8. Barrett Lake Year-round

Inyo National Forest

9. Poleta Year-round

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

16. Kings Beach Year-round

Los Padres National Forest

17. Alamo Mountain

Oct 15 - Apr 30

18. Ballinger Canyon

Nov 1 - Mar 15

19. Black Mountain.

Oct 1 - Apr 30

20. Santa Barbara

Nov 15 - Mar 15

21. Ortega Trail

Nov 15 - Mar 15

Mendocino National Forest

22. Davis Flat Year-round

23. Lake Pillsbury Year-round

24. Elk Mountain. Year-round

Plumas National Forest

26. Gold Lake Year-round

27. Dixie Mtn. Year-round

28. Mosquito Creek Year-round

29. Deadman Springs Year-round 30. Cleghorn Bar Year-round

31. Big Creek Year-round

San Bernardino National Forest

32. Lake Arrowead

Nov 1 - Feb 28

33. Big Bear Nov 1 - Feb 28

34. San Jacinto Nov 1 - Feb 28

35. Lytle Creek Nov 1 - Feb 28

Sequoia National Forest

36. Tule River Nov 1 - Apr 30

37. Frog Meadow Nov 1 - Apr 30

38. Kennedy Meadows Year-round

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

39. Hayfork Year-round

40. McCloud Year-round

Sierra National Forest

41. Kings River Nov 1 - May 31

42. Shaver Lake Nov 1 - May 31

43. Hites Cove Nov 1 - May 31

44. Miami Creek Nov 1 - May 31

Six Rivers National Forest

46A. Smith Rivers NRA Year-round

Stanislaus National Forest

46. Niagara Ridge Year-round

47. Date Flat Oct 1 - May 31

48. Deer Creek. Oct 1 - May 31

49. Corral Hollow Oct 1 - May 31

Tahoe National Forest

50. Foresthill OHV

Oct 1 - May 31

53. Fordyce Jeep Trail

Oct 1 - May 31

54. Truckee Year - round

56. Prosser Hills Year-round

58. Downieville Year-round


In addition to this I have a friend who has a 1997 Honda XR 600 thats been dual sported since 97 and the DMV would not renew his plates. They told him he must red sticker his bike. So now they are looking at renewals also.

Luckely my 99 WR has a W in the eight digit.


I have a 00 WR that was plated through the dealer. What eigth digit has the possibility of non renewal?

Also, Clark I've been looking at this site for several months not realizing that you're the same Clark i've ridden with on several occassions. I'm with the 100's M.C. and camped next to you at Kernville last year. I'm with you. These licensing restrictions and land closures are driving me nuts



Yes that would be me. E-mail me as to which dual sport rides you are considering this year.


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