forarm pump

I need everyones advice and experiance. Question is what are your best tricks to help aleviate forarm pump during a race. I raced a 2 hour harscramble this weekend and finished in the middle of my class because I suffered through 45 min of forarm pump. After about 45 min I was last in my class and had to work my way back up the the middle of the pack. I know the usuall handgrippers and squeeze balls but am looking for other suggestions. I have logged pleanty of riding time but am just very succeptable to forarm pump.

1. Preparation. Lots of stretching around the arms that prepares the body. Warms it up and increases needed blood flow

2. Fluid. The night before any race (even the day before) drink plenty of fluids. You need to crink so much that your piss is completely clear

3. lots of riding. MX tracks are the best for this as you are required to be on the boil constantly. Every time you feel arm pump, do another lap or two. After a while you will find that you will be able to prolong the effects longer and know how to better deal with it

4. Sqeeze toys. Depends how you use them. Dont squeeze large and heavy units. use the lighter pull units and do many more repetitions.

I hope this helps.



Motard Mitch


Thanks for the info. I to, am wondering how to avoid this. I do have a little information to add.

1)Everyone should drink at least .6ozs per pound of body weight for proper hydration.

2) Strength is not an issue unless you have girly hands. I weight train very heavy and am still affected..greatly.

3) MX riding is the best and the +2 theory is correct.

4) I've been told arm pump is caused from having your forearms flexed in a static position, ie gripping and not moving your fingers.

5) I've found by holding the bike tightly with my knees, allows me to relax my arms.

If anyone can offer more information I'm sure we would all benefit.

Hey Bryan, isn't one of your riding bud's a doctor. What does he say about arm pump.

See Ya


Thanks for the advice guys. I like most of you I work out regularly, run and eat well. I always drink pleanty of water and have gotten quite a bit of practice riding in. I think I may be getting tense and hanging on to tight although I tried to be concious of that this past race after the same problem in my last race.

Here is another tip a friend gave me. Take two asprin before the race it thins out the blood and allows better blood flow.

A 30-year veteran desert racer told me to "get forward over the bars" to reduce arm pump. This reduces forearm muscle strain by allowing the elbows to act as shock absorbers, plus the bikes are designed to be ridden that way as well. It's helped me quite a bit...

While racing MX, I found by warming up with a squeeze grip and tennis forearm exerciser prior to my races, followed by extensive forearm stretching, I alleviated all forearm pump. (I was also drinking lots of fluid). This was with my Honda CR which had severe headshake, even while I was just sitting on it while parked on the bike stand.

And Mitch, just because I wear sun dresses extensively, and answer to the name of Betty, doesn't mean I have girly hands. But for $3.50, I could be your girly man :)

Thanks for the info Kevin. I thought about warming up with hand sqeezers. Since the forarm pump lasts about 30-45 min I figured maybe if I got them good and warmed up it would eliviate it or make it go away completely. Work my way through it before I even start the race.

It sounds like you have already proved that to be true. How much do you warm up. Till they burn and past that point till they burn no longer or do you just warm them up a little bit.

Well, I figure he warms up by playing with his Submarine and Hamster... :). Just kidding Kevvie. Loved your response, very funny... :D

Sounds like you have all figured it out. I don't know if it was a one time deal or not but I rode a two hour harescramble yesterday and I did not get arm pump at all. I can honestly say thats a first for me. I"m only on my second year of racing so I've been learning a lot lately. I don't stretch my forearms but I concentrated on holding on to the bike more with my knees. I am also learning to trust the bike more and let it soak up the hard hits. I use to tense my upper body up more and therefore grip the handle bars much harder. It's all in the legs unless it's a sticky situation.

I was also more relaxed in this race and I have been concentrating on relaxing my grip while riding. To top it off I injured my left hand and wrist about three weeks ago and I was concerned that I would not be able to finish this race. However, like I said my hands and forearms were not a problem at all.

Like many of you I consider myself to be in good condition. I get most of my exercise form riding but I run and lift weights occassionally. About six years ago I held two state arm wrestling titles and placed fifth in the national championships. I know I would have placed higher but I tore my tricep tendon away from the bone in my second to last match. End of my career as a part time armwrestler but thats another story.

Oh ya, in my training for armwrestling I found many unique ways to train my hands and forearms. One of the most effective exercise for the back of the hand and forearm is very simple. I purchased a glove made for rehabilitating hands after injury. It had ilets on the ends of each finger and a hook in the palm of the hand. You put rubber bands througn the ilets and hook them to the hook. You then straighten your fingers out. this puts a tremendous amount of strain on your forearms and hands if done correctly. I trained for endurance so I would do this for a considerable amount of time and add rubber bands as I got stronger. There is a variety of ways to utilize this glove to strengthen your arms. I still use it when I'm not riding much.

I know I was just repeating what a lot of you already said but what the heck.


I would start working out my hands and forearms on the way to the race track and then periodically throughout the day. I did stretch my forearms out after practice and the first race.

Being on a submarine and out to sea for months, I learned how important a firm handgrip was. I er...uhhh...mean I READ in...a...Nationl Geograhic how important a good handgrip was! :)

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All that stuff Mitch mentioned is good advice. I think he especially likes the squeeze toys. I've heard that he does local rides with a blow up doll on his back seat? Mitch? Did you ever send pictures of that?

I know Mitch doesn't believe me. He thinks I'm a yankee that likes to spend money (I say that with a smile Mitch, we love you man!). And that may be somewhat true. But here is my experience:

No steering damper: I experienced arm pump within 15 minutes

With steering damper: No arm pump ever

Now keep in mind I'm not a person that usually has lots of excess aches and pains from riding. I get tired like everyone else. But, I'm in excellent shape, I run, mountain bike and lift weights. I eat well (usually) and drink lots of water. I rarely get blisters on my hands and NEVER have any problems with Monkey Butt. The only problem I ever had was with arm pump and now that I have the damper, no more arm pump. Does this product make me any faster? Probably not. But maybe on real rocky terrain? But, it keeps me from crashing as much and keeps me fresher a lot longer.

However, I'd be bummed giving this testimonial and you end up not agreeing.

I don't think you can get a deal on a Scotts anywhere. They seem to price protect their products pretty successfully.


Kevvie you bastard. I have been laughing uncontrolably for the last 5 minutes... People at the office think I am a cook..... :D

Great come back... :)

I have found that there is nothing better for arm pump then to squeeze my wifes breasts for hours on end and from all different angles. Better than any squeeze ball and great for rehab both mentally and physically. Try it, nothing better, except of course twisting the throttle. :)


Are yoy really sure that you want us all doing that to your wifes breast's.

Sorry guys couldnt pass that one up. It was like a meatball hanging over the middle of the plate. You just have to swing at it.

It's all in good fun. Thanks for all the advice guys.

Originally posted by Mike:

I have found that there is nothing better for arm pump then to squeeze my wifes breasts for hours on end and from all different angles. Better than any squeeze ball and great for rehab both mentally and physically. Try it, nothing better, except of course twisting the throttle. :D


Just don't get the two confused. I'm sure the throttle won't care if you squeeze it but you wife might have something to say about having her breasts twisted. :)

she likes the twisting to. Won't share though. Pick one up sometime guys. It is worth it. Fun to change the oil with her around as well.


You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You have actually lowerd yourselves to the gutter where I live and play everyday!! But you know what, it IS more fun down here. It keeps me young.

Oh and by the way, Mitchy, I have two hamsters. Their names are Pummel and Burrow. The most bizarre thing is happening, they are losing all their hair!! What is up with that?? Before the hair fell off, they kinda smelled!!

:) That is the way Burrow's and Pummel's eyes look whenever I walk near their cage. :D

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