Snakes are out

For those of you around Phoenix, watch out. The snakes are coming out. I just missed running over a Diamondback yesterday. One of the guys I was riding with ran over it with his Grizzly (these guys ride them like they're Banshees) which really pissed it off. So it struck at the guy pulling up the rear on an RMX250.

They are out in this part of the desert as well...

Saw a Mojave Green on the way out to Clark's camp last week. Be careful out there! :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

No snakes out here but we sure do have some mean ole tree roots that bite just as hard if you are not paying attention :)


Dougie, '99 WR400

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SNAKES... let me tell you a story about snakes... ooops, wrong forum..., I thought this was

Sorry..Snakes are not as much of an issue where I ride in Victoria, Australia. It is virtually always green all year round. Although, we do get Black and Brown snakes.. Very deadly and very mean....when the weather heats up

So tell me, what is a Mojave Green? Sounds like a booger with attitude?


Hey Jeff.

I've ridden my mountain bike in Pheonix (Dynomite trail and South Mountain) and I was more concerned with the big-ass cactus needles protruding from many and all plants along the trails than with snakes.

The first time I tried to dip my shoulder through a branch around a turn at speed , I was left with about 30 nasty scratches from that plant that was actually a cactus in disguise.

At least the rattlers try and get out of the way when you come along. Plants just DON'T CARE!

I heard stories about the Suguaro catcus impaling riders. And what's up with those nasty Cholla (sp?) cactus? About 3 inch razor sharp spines and close to the ground so you land on them when you crash? Do you wear special plastic down there?

Of course the cactus don't leave their poison in your blood system and make your arm swell to twice it's size when bitten.

Here on the front range in Colorado we have tons of rattlers. But, they are fairly timid creatures that try and avoid trouble when possible. But, if you crash your bike and tumble down a trail and land on one, your screwed.


Last year a black snake attacked my bike as I rode by it. He bit a rear spoke and wouldn't let go. Round and around he went-I wasn't going to stop as I friggin hate snakes. When I came back the other direction,his buddy/mate was in the same spot looking for him :)

I agree about the cactus. About three months ago, I was riding on a forest service road with a friend. We were pushing each other pretty good when I hit my rear brake a little hard and stalled the engine. With the rear tire locked up, the bike fishtailed left and right until I ended up in the ditch on the side of the rode. Hurt my knee in the process (tore ligaments I tore skiing a few years back). Anyway, when I got the bike off my leg and got it restarted, I got up to the road and then lost balance, falling off into a prickly pear cactus. All the spines were in my back and behind. I managed to get all but one out later that night. Of course the one I didn't get out got infected and was right on top of my tailbone. It didn't start to really hurt until a week later when I was out of town and couldn't see a doctor. It swelled up to about 2 inches long, 1 inch wide and stuck out about 1/2 inch. I couldn't sit down for 4 days! Anyway, I now make sure to leave the cactus plenty of room.

MCARP will like this one. Last Tuesday I ran over what I thought was and old rag in the trail in the northern part of Wayne National Forest. Let me tell you...he was not a happy camper! He then coiled up and got pissed off at my buddy that was just a little behind me :) . Four feet of none stop fun! Ya Right!

If you want the best of both worlds (snakes, cactus AND mesquite thorns), come ride our Texas national enduro on May 21. Our lease is tailor-made for WR's. E-mail me for info...


are you saying that WR's like snakes, cactus AND mesquite thorns?

I didn't read that in the owners manual anywhere.




A "Mojave Green" is a rattle snake that is unique in that it has TWO types of toxins in it's venom. They grow to about 5 feet, at least that's the biggest I've seen, about as thick as a man forearm. Very nasty, can be aggressive. Oh I almost forgot they camouflage to their environment. I've seen bright green to a light rose color depending on where they live....


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

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