05wr450f starting problems

New to TT hope Im doing this right. I have an 05wr450f that at time's the starter doesnt work. I have heard that they have problems with the neutral saftey switch on the case by the shift lever. Any thought's?

I'm guessing your battery is a little weak......kick start it and do a long ride then try again. Or you could measure the volts coming from the battery...

When I street-legalled mine I kept blowing fuses. I would up your fuse if it keeps happening.

I'm sure you already did, but try rocking your bike back and forth, changing form neutral to first, and then back.

the problem could be in the clutch adjustment, supposed to start in any gear. but most only start in neutral when new. after you do your first clutch it should be ok

Most of the time I can only get it started if I put the bike in neutral. But even then it doesnt work at times. Battery voltage is fine. I tried replacing the saftey switch on the clutch lever but still had same problem. That's why Im leaning more to the neutral saftey switch on the side of the case. I found out that this part has been backorderd for sometime from the dealer and they came out with an updated part. Im just not sure if this is the cause of the problem. Maybe the starter button itself?

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