WR400 vs DRZ400E ? which one to buy

I currently own a 96 KTM300EXC,

my past bikes are RMX250, KDX200, KTM500,


I need a 4-stroke to make it is street

legal for short trips.

I would also like to race the bike in crosscountry and enduros. I ride at

a B+ level.

I rode a WR400 for 10mins in the woods and on the track. I was very impressed on the power delivery on the low end.

0mph to 30mph in 3rd gear. do that on a


In the woods the WR400 was OK, the KTM is quicker in ther tight stuff.

How does the DR400E compare ?

Also, how/where do you get the best deal on a new bike ?



i purchased a wr400 5 weeks ago and my friend purchased the drz400. the wr has tighter suspension and a little more zip in the motor. the drz is plush in those two areas. the wr400 is closer to the KTM in performance. Good luck getting a good deal. the dealers say they cant keep them on the show room floor and most dealers have to order them. try to get a discount on accessories. Two months ago dirt rider wrote an article on the two bikes. The drz is for older or intermediate riders. the wr is $900 more but the extra performance is worth it. the wr is easy to start but the drz400e has an electric start.good luck,it took me two months to figure which bike i wanted and i feel good about my decision on the wr400.

The WR is a little taller and fits a taller rider (like me) a little better. The DRZ seems a little cramped to me but would be better for a shorter rider.

The DRZ is quite a bit heavier but carries it's weight fairly well.

I like the WR suspension much better.

I LOVE the DRZ electric start.

The DRZ seat is a little fru fru for my taste. Soft and squishy and girly.

The DRZ and WR with stock timing are pretty even in a drag race when you keep the rpm's up on both bikes.

The power is a little easier to control on the DRZ down low and it doesn't seem to stall as easy as the WR or YZ.

I like both bikes. When the terrain gets tight the DRZ is probably the better bike (east coast) and when the terrain opens up, I'll take my WR every time.


wait [2] years on the drz let them get the bugs out.Lo0k at the up dates on the wr400 and yz426 just cc alone.wheel base, cranks, clucth,and carbs.For know buy a wr400 resale latter if the drz works out to be a good bike.Just my 2$ worth.


Monty has a very good point, :) Although, with the technology advances and the sharing of information (whether legally or illegally) then the wait would be 12 months only. Afterall, if you take a close look at the DR and WR, there are many similarities in the motor department.

It all comes down to:

1. Yellow or Blue

2. MX, Desert or Tight trails

That is really about it.

Personally, as I do MX, SIper Motard and High speed trails, the WR has always been preferred. A little more puch on top.

You should be able to get a great deal on a drz if you want a kick start. A dealer here was discounting them $500 a while ago.


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Monty, I would say after the 2 year wait the WR will still be the buy. Imagine the advancements to the WR with the stiff competition now on the market. I would say there will be a decent reduction in weight, plus you might even see lecky leg on it, that's if Yamaha want to keep their market share.

Now not even the KTM can turn me from the Big Blue, as it my opinion that the WR have a way better engine than what the Suzuki or KTM can build. The reason for this is that Yamaha used a lot of their Formula 1 knowledge and bought in F1 techincians when the WR engine was being developed. Also Yamaha have a patent on their 5 valve head design, so I don't know how the others would go trying to adopt that ?


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Yamaha calls their five valve heads "Genesis technology" it has been used on Yamaha street bikes since the mid '80's. I think they'll adopt another streetbike trick, the EXUP valve which was used on Doug Henry's bike but not on Button's because he said the low end power was too brutal with it.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

Visit my photo album AT YOUR OWN RISK!! My photo album

Anyone here a sportbike fan also? Then visit us here at www.insanespeed.com

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