Just how important is it to get the valves checked after break in?

I want to go riding this weekend and I won't be able to get my bike in to get the valves checked after break in like my dealer told me. Is it ok to go for a while longer before I get the valves checked or do I even need to yet or what? any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have set my valves twice since I got my 99 WR. Both times the valves where in spec. I spoke to my dealer who said he has not needed to shim any of the 400's or 426 he has done in his shop nor has he seen any outside the spec after break in. I think you will be more than OK to ride a couple more weekends before you get the top end set.


Checking your valves is pretty cake if you have the manual. You do not have to remove your radiators. It doesn't take long.

A few months back, Dougie was a little reluctant to wrench on his bike. Now the guy owns multiple motorcycle repair instruction institutes and actually carves whole WR's out of solid aluminum billet!

This is a great place to start wrenching on your bike. Bryan can attest to some lousy work by "Official Yamaha Mechanics", as can I. At $50/hr, you can save hundreds of dollars doing your own stuff.

You'll be OK, Dude!


Yep, Kevin is right. I would have rather stuck my hand in bucket full of gas and razor blades than to stick it in the engine.

But checking your own valves is probably the easiest and best way to start. Hell I even posted a "how to" on this procedure. I'm not sure where it is at though. Bryan was supposed to add to the tech section. It is back there somewhere. It was a reply to someone's request on how to do valves.

Good luck


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Most people that I know who checked their valves early on said they were ok, and a mate of mine who is an exceptional mechanic let his go for 10,000kms, as he reckoned it still sounded right, and when he did check them they were only a little bit out.

I wouldn't do it straight after break in, as Yamaha are only covering their butt, as with most things in the manual.


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Man Dougie! Your tough! Slap my butt around!

Seriously, I forgot and thanks for reminding me! I just got done putting your valve check/adjustment write-up in the tech section with a few additional comments from Clark.

Thanks again for your work on this from EVERYONE!


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