CR250 Brakeline routing with diagrams

I believe Motogreg said this only works if you have NO! light on the bike. I Placed the light back on my bike with the Fastline brakeline on and I could only get it to route through the cut out on the left side of the light and then in back of the light to the master cylinder. This will work if you are running a number plate. Refer to the diagram for the letters.

Remove the stock brakeline clamp (A) and drill two small holes on the top of the fork guard (:D about 3/4 - 1 inch below the top edge to remount the clamp. Use nuts and short bolts to do this. The clamp has to be mounted to hold the hard plastic section of the brakeline and let it pass in between the lower fork tube and the wheel. Remove and discard the small clamp (D) that holds the stock brakeline on the caliper.

Install the brakline on the caliper using the new crush washers provided with the brakeline. The line will go straight up and back away from the caliper toward the bike. Torque the bolt on the banjo fitting to 22 ft/lbs. Route the line between the lower fork tube and the wheel leaving slack in the line for it to flex. Place the bottom hard plastic part of the line in the clamp that you mounted on the fork guard earlier DO NOT TIGHTEN YET. Send the line up through the routing hoop © and attach it to the master cylinder using new crush washers and torque to 22 ft/lbs. Adjust the line so it does not come in contact with the lower fork tube and runs parallel with the fork tube then tighten the clamp that you installed on the top of the fork guard (:D Then fill the master cylinder with fluid and bleed bleed bleed the caliper. The brake should feel firm and not spongy. It isn't easy the get all of the air out be patient. Here are the part numbers from Chaparral page 295 in the 00' catalog. Part number W24-680X for the blue Fastline brakeline that is firm in feel and routed like a CR250. Part number W24-688 for the black brakeline that is just a little firmer than stock and is routed like a CR250. E-mail me if you have questions :) Be careful it is much more positive stopping than stock. Can't get the image to insert I will send it to Bryan and he can post this in the TECH section. Sorry guys :D


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You are right about it only working with the light if it goes through that hole but as soon as you compress the forks more than half way look what happens to the brake line!


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