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I am considering a bike computer to replace the speedo, and I would like to know if anyone can recommend a particular make or model that would suit. It might not really need to be wireless, as that would make it cheaper too I suppose ?


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Hey Rod!

I've been thinking about this lately as well. The problem we will have using wireless computer is that the transmitter and the computer need to be within a certain distance from each other. I use a wireless computer for my mountain bike from Specialized. It works very well but the distance form transmitter to computer is obviously alot less then on a motorcycle.

I've seen a couple wireless computers I thought were nice. One is from a bicycle parts company called Topeak and the model is Panoram (topeak.com). It allows you to see your distance, speed, time and clock all at once, nice system. I know that Performancebikes.com sell them for about $60 US.

Obviously the best soultion would be to get an motorcycle enduro computer but I think we all know how expensive those are!

I sure would like to know if anyone has managed to make these wireless bike computer work though.

JJ in WA

Originally posted by RodH:

I am considering a bike computer to replace the speedo, and I would like to know if anyone can recommend a particular make or model that would suit. It might not really need to be wireless, as that would make it cheaper too I suppose ?

Rod: I actully tried this some time ago on a Yamaha Banshee I owned. The problems are as the one fellow below stated: The physical distance between the sending and receiving units, but that was easily overcome. The biggest problem lies in the interference caused by the M/C high voltage coil interfering with the transmission of the speed info to the speedo itself. Regardless of the actual speed travelled, the wireless speedo showed me going over 700 mph. (really) This may be cured by going to a hard wired bike speedo but I don't think the wire would be shielded against such radio interference. I know that Baja Designs sells a a regular speedo that fits on the existing odometer cable, but it's kind of corny looking...unless you like that retro early 70's look.

I run a Sigma 800. It works good, I did have to lengthen and splice the wires though. It took a couple trys routing the wires to keep them from getting torn up as the forks traveled. I ended up running them all the way up the brake line (magnet mounted on the disc, sensor mounted to the fork guard) and mounting the computer next to the throttle. I origninally wanted to put it on the clutch side, but I have too much stuff over there already (compression release, turn signal and other switches, mirror, etc.)

As stated in the previous posts, there are two problems with the wireless units - distance and interference. A friend of mine went through 3 or four brands of wireless computers on his mountain bike before he found one that worked and this was at a shorter distrance and no (or at least less) interference. I think he ended up using the Specialized.

I have also heard that some brands top out at speeds less than 60mph. I have not seen one like this, but I know the Sigmas are good to 160mph (not that your WR will ever go that fast!).

This thing is bitchen! Panoram 17 Function Cycle Computer

I'll ride the occasional enduro and fully believe in ICO's or Pacemakers for that purpose, but this is perfect for keeping track of oil changes (Maintenance setting program used as a safety reminder to check your bike), as well as the standard stuff like time & speed.

Now how do you suppose you could mount one with Pro-Tapers? It's available in standard and wireless versions!

I'll try and post a picture of my set up this weekend. Maybe Bryan can put it into the tech section :) .

To remove the odo you need a spacer and seal for the front wheel. You can get the stock YZ parts from Yamaha, they fit directly onto WR. I think someone posted the part numbers at one time, you might do a search on the subject.

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I know that computer looks like the perfect way to go! I actually saw one a a local Performance bike shop they look decent! Like I said before they're only about $60.

Is anyone going to try to mount one? If so are you goning to go wired or wireless?

Heywood is there a way you could post a very detailed description of what you did and how you did it, escecially how you spliced the wire and were you got matching wire?

It sure would be nice to mount it in a place that would shield it and still allow you to use a Scotts Dampener with Protapers. Maybe we could find a way to mount it where the Odometer is now!

What and where should I get the stuff to help remove my Odo?



Here are some pics of my mounting. To splice the wires I just found a similar wire and spliced it in using a soldering iron and insulated it with heatshrink tubing.

I twisted it around the brake line and used zip ties to secure it in a couple spots. I eventually will replace these with heat shrink (when I get around to removing the brake line).




Have a regular (with wire) computer on my new WR. Use an ICO magnet and sensor wire kit. Had the same set up on my XR for 2 years. Works great, no problems, gives speed, trip milage, total milage, etc. and is cheap!

Greg in Atlanta

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