GPS error now gone!

I just came back from the local map store and they got a memo from Garmin saying that effective 05/01/2000 (last Monday) the government rather unexpectedly turned off the set error in their GPS satalites! So now GPS receivers are basically accurate up to 12 feet AT ALL TIMES! GPS users have been lobbying for this for quite some time but expected this to happen in the next 5 years.


This is good news for us trail weenies for sure.

I confirmed this information with Pete at A-Loop offroad. He is putting together all the information on his website and I will post a link to his info when it becomes available.


Thanks Paul! That's exactly what I was looking for!

Isn't the internet great?



This is fantastic news! The GPS locations and elevations will both improve. Now the only problem may be the maps not being as accurate as the GPS. Does anyone have a GPS web site to share favorite routes and viewpoint coordinates?

Well, GPS in the US is accurate now but it trouble spots around the world it still has the built in error. So if you find yourself riding in the jungles of North Korea don't expect it to be as accurate! :)

I've been wanting to put a spot on ThumperTalk to accumulate GPS coordinates from all over the world. I just don't have a GPS yet. This may motivate me to get on board.

I know the Garmin GPS III is the standard but it's about $385 which is a little too pricey for little ole me.


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I read that Clinton is responsible for this. I tried my GPS yesterday, didn't really notice the difference. I was just driving down the freeway though.


It's nice of slick Willy to do this for us right before he takes away the trails we use the GPS on.


I have a Magellan 315, I paid $140 at Kmart. I carry it in my pocket of my enduro jacket or my fanny pack.

If you have one of the 'streets' or map CD's these have the lon/lat settings for the US. You just look-up the place you want to go on the CD, get the lon/lat & enter them on your GPS. It's very easy.


Originally posted by Bryan:

It's nice of slick Willy to do this for us right before he takes away the trails we use the GPS on.

Fairly simple action to try and get back some off-road voters he's pissed off! Don't buy it! They are still planning on banning all mechanized vehicles.

So when you are a whopping 10 miles in on your quiet nature hike, your GPS unit can get you out since there won't be any trails available!


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