Regular bars and scotts stabilizer

i have decided to go with the Scotts stabilizer but want to avaid the $600 kit with the triple clamp and pro taper bars if possiable. Can the Scotts stabilizer fit underneath the cross bar on regular bars. Any tips or tricks on this subject would help.

thanks guys.

I have my Scotts Stabalizer mounted under my cross bar. But, I have a Jimmy Button bend which is a little taller than normal bars.

I would call Scotts or e-mail them with your questions.


Jim, Before I purchased Pro-tapers I had Renthal bars (McGrath bend) and the Scotts unit fit on my bike no problem. If you do buy the dampner I would recommend you buy the newer "stem" that mounts around the head set intead of the one that mounts around the oil filler cap they wont come lose as much. Good luck, Dan

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