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Months ago you recommended the e-line carbon fiber skid plate. I am considering purchasing one. I have a few questions. A photo would probably cover 1 and 2:

1) How well is the water pump protected? Does it protect the metal tube to the water pump?

2) How high up does it extend in the front? (lots of mud riding)

3) How durable is it to hitting rocks? (lots of rocks where I ride)

I currently have the aftermarket full Aluminum skidplate from Yamaha.


Eric in WA


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It provides protection for both the water pump on the right side and the mag cover on the left side, the mag cover protection is what I was after. The protection on the water pump is the same coverage as the stock aluminum guard. When you install the e-line you do not use the stock aluminum guard. I however wanted the protection for the water pump AND the pipe that goes into it from above. So I purchased the DSP carbon fiber EXTENDED water pump guard and used it in conjunction with the e-line skid plate. This combination provides excellent protection.

In order to run the DSP EXTENDED guard and the e-line I used my power coping saw and trimed off the right side water pump guard from the e-line skid plate and matched the two perfectly. A little extra work but it looks and works great.

The top of the skid plate goes right up to 3/4 of a inch below the frame oil drain screw and the top of the plate is square across the front of the bike.

The e-line has been on my bike for 14 months and is now starting to show the signs of use. It has been in plenty of rocks and every thing else except a lot of mud. I recently lowered my bike by 1.25 inches and now slam a lot of stuff I used to go right over.

Being the nut on this bike that I am I probably will get another e-line skid plate some time this year.


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I've seen Clark's set-up, it would take small arms fire, no problem. Bullet proof :)

I bought one the e-line CF plates for my YZ as well.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Thanks Clark and Chris!!

Eric in WA


I've been thinking lately of getting the Yamaha skid plate. It looks cleaner than many of the other aftermarket brands (except the e-line!), and looks like it would offer good protection.

But now you're forcing me to ask the question to avoid a potential purchasing mistake. Why are you looking at the e-line skid plate? Is there something about the Yamaha bash plate that you don't like, or does it not offer enough protection? If it's just because the e-line looks so good, I can appreciate that!!!



The primary reason is that I am going to the BigGun SDS exhaust (hopefully soon!). The stock pipe helps protect the pipe on the top of the water pump. Most aftermarket pipes, including BigGun, leave this area more exposed.

Based on Clark's advice, I am seriously looking at the DSP extended waterpump guard to provide the protection. When adding the waterpump guard, I would keep the skid plate I have - although some hacksaw work would probably be in order to accomodate the waterpump guard.

Eric in WA

The Yamaha (DSP) skid plate I have seen is a "Glide Plate", it is just like the stocker and sits in between the two frame rails leaving them exposed.

I believe the E-line covers the frame rails and extends out to help protect the water pump and ign cases. I haven't ordered one yet but plan to.....

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I don't know guys. I was able to dent my frame with the E-Line plate. Sent the plate back with pictures and am waiting for a response. I've pushed much bigger rocks for longer distances and time with an aluminum plate on my XR - the XR frame and side covers are undamaged (where the skid plate sits). Just my $0.02.

I've got the White Bros. full skid plate and I love it. It seems to provide great protection. I've got some ruthless gashes in the bottom and side to prove its strenght and protection.


A few questions:

Is the White Bros skidplate Aluminum or Carbon Fiber?

What kind of protection does it provide the water pump?


Eric in WA

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